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Following are he minimum information and Data which to be shown on a transformer nameplate.The standards require the following information and data for transformers rated above 500 kVA
(Suppose 1000kVA = 1MVA.
• Name of manufacturer
• Serial number
• year of manufacture
• Number of phases
• kVA or MVA rating
• Frequency
• Voltage ratings.
• Tap voltages.
• Connection diagram.
• Cooling class
• Rated temperature in °C
• Polarity (for Single Phase Transformers)
• Phasor or vector diagram (For Polyphase or Three Phase Transformers)
• % impedance.
• Approximate mass or weight of the transformer
• Type of insulating liquid.
• Conductor material of each winding.
• Oil volume (of each transformer Container/Compartment)
• Instruction for Installation and Operation

Name Plate Rating Of a Transformer
The Data on the Nameplate of transformers contains of kilo-Watts rating, Voltage Rating,Frequency, Number of Phases, Temperature, Type of Cooling, % Impedance and Reactance,  Name of Manufacture,Year of Manufacture etc.
A Typica Nameplate of a Transformer as follow.

S.No.   Description of Data to be given                         Ra-marks for example
[1]                 [2]                                                                     [3]=================================================================
1.    Manufacturer’s Name:                                             ABB/206788
2.    Manufacture’s Serial Number                                 224106
3.    Kind of Transformer                                                 Power Transformer
4.    236839Relevent Standard Year                             I.S/P.S/B.S/ IEC /DIS/JIS NEMA
5.    Year of Manufacture                                                 2013
6.    Number of Phase                                                     3
7.    Rated Power                                                           1000kVA  = 1MVA
8.    Rated Frequency:                                                    50Hz
9.    Rated Voltages:                                                       HV  33 kV,  LV 11 kV,
10.    Rated Currents                                                      HV______,LV_______.
11.    Vector Group Symbol                                            __________________
12    % Impedance Voltage
         ( At Raed Current)                                                  __________________
13.    % Reactance Voltage  in  % :                               __________________
14.    Types of Cooling                                                   ONAM
15    .Total Weight                                                            __________Kg
      ..Mass or insulating Oil                                             __________Kg
     ..Transportation Weight                                             __________Kg
     ..Untanking Weight                                                     __________Kg
16.    Insulating liquid ( if Not Oil) Types:                       ______________
17.    Quantity of Oil ( Liters):                                         __________
18.    Details about Tap-Changer                                  __________
19.    Rated  insulation Level:                                        __________
      ..Power-Frequency withstand Voltage                   kV(rms)
20.    Other                                                                      …………………….

Also shown in below image.

Below is a 100kVA (Three-Phase) Transformer nameplate. 
Click image to enlarge. 

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