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Ideal Transformer

Ideal Transformer

An ideal transformer is that one, in which no losses occur, in other words, The Transformer Input is equal to the Transformer Output.
Transformer input Power = Transformer Output Power.
VIN = VOUT.  and,
In simple words, in ideal transformer, Input Current is equal to out put current as well as input voltage is equal to the output voltage, so the overall input power to the transformer is equal to the output transformer. Also, there is no leakage flux in ideal transformer windings.
But this imaginary and we does not have any ideal transformer in real electrical engineering world. but, in coming days, But, in coming days, there is a possibility due to using a superconductor (a conductor where no losses occurs). And we may use this module to explaian and understand the real transformer design, working principle. etc and other related terms.
An ideal transformer is shown in the below figure. Current passing through the primary coil creates a magnetic field. The primary and secondary coils are wrapped around a core of very high magnetic permeability, such as iron, so that most of the magnetic flux passes through both the primary and secondary coils. If a load is connected to the secondary winding, the load current and voltage will be in the directions indicated, given the primary current and voltage in the directions indicated (each will be alternating current in practice).
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Ideal Transformer
Fig An ideal transformer. The secondary current arises from the action of the secondary EMF on the load impedance. Image and some of Description are taken out from Wikipedia

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