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How To wire Lights in Series?

How To wire Lights in Series?

Series wiring for Lighting Circuits

These all Lights/lamps are connected in series. Each lamp is connected to the next one. The flowing current is same in all these incandescent bulb /lamps but the voltage are different.
Good To know: This is not a suitable wiring for home or building. Because the effect will be that two or more lamps will be very dim, and removing one lamp will cause others to go out. Recommended lighting method for lighting points is  parallel wiring circuit of lighting.

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How To wire Lights in Series? how to wire lamps in series
How To wire Lights in Series?

Disadvantages of  this circuit.

  • the failure or removal of any single lamp will break the circuit and cause all of the others to stop working.
  • As more lamps are added, they will all be reduced in brightness. because voltage are shared in series circuit. 


  • Less size of wire cable is required in this type of wiring.

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  1. To upgrade it to 220V you need to bring aohentr leg from the curcuit panel to the outlet. To upgrade the amps you need to upgrade the breaker & wire carrying the juice. If you have to ask this type of thing . you’d better call an electrician. I know how to do it & I’d be very careful & check/recheck my calcs on wire size.The penalty of doing it wrong (your house burning down, maybe w/ you or your children in it) v. the little bit to put in a single curcuit.Call an electrician. It shouldn’t be too expensive.

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