Emergency LED Light. Powerful & Cheap Circuit LED-716 Emergency Light Schematic

 Emergency LED Light. Powerful & Cheep Circuit LED-716 Emergency Light Schematic

LED-716 is one of the most powerful and very cheep circuit. Try to make at home. 
recommended for beginners. 

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D1 to D5 = IN4007
Q1 = C945 NPN
Q2 = D965 NPN
C1 = CL-155J, 250 V.
C2 = 100μF, 16 V.
C3 = 1μF, 50 V.
R1 = 1Ω
R2 = 3Ω
R4 = 5.1Ω
R3 and R5 = 1kΩ
R6 = 390kΩ.
Battery = 1300-1600mAh.
LED = 30 Num, color = White.

90-240 V, AC.
50-60 Hz
Cable = 3A,250V.

(This is what this Lamp using)
Current = 0.1 A.
Power = 1 Watt.

3-Option switch or Pattern change

Option  1 = Full Light
Option 2 = OFF
Option 3 = Normal Light

Backe up Time of the Emergency Light lamp.
At Option 1 ( Full light) = 4-6 Hrs
At Option 2 ( Normal Light) 10 Hrs

Here is the full story that how did i make this post.
actually someone bring me a DP-716 Emergency i took the lamp ( for checking/repairing). here you can see the whole story in images. 
 (click images to enlarge)
 here we  have opened for repairing. ( you can also try on such  your home appliances, but keep in mind that safety is more important....)

 Inside Emergency LED Light.  LED-716 Emergency Light.
  Now it is clear that what is the real problem in pic ( two resistor were blown out) so now we want to fix it.

another view. check the circuit that what is the problem here.

Here you can see that what i did in this circuit. because the resistor on the back side ( which i have soldered) was blown out. so the root of problem was that specific resistor.

 Here  we done. Now the pattern change switch is on Option 1 i.e on Full light. the back up time will be 4-6 hours.
 And in this case, the pattern change switch is on Option 3 i.e on Full light. the back up time will be 8-10 hours. also note that , option 2 is for turning off the Bulb light.
By : Engr Wasim Khan
Copy Right :

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  1. Nice Post about LED emergency light.I get lot of information by this article.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous04:35

    Great job, i got the double sized one (60 LEDs), and also got this problem, the circuit is a little bit different: has two D965 instead of one (guess to get half the load for each), 4 battery cells. but the failure was just like yours with extra blown capacitor C2 100 microF. really i didn't repair it till now as i don't know the cause for this failure. if you need pics for my circuit; just ask for it on

    1. Dear @ Can you please upload pics to our Facebook page??? We will review it. thanks

  3. it is very study about the circuit..

    in my emergency light the capacitor was leaked so i changed it.. but now the battery was not charging..while measuring the input voltage to the battery..while the circuit is on it shows around 40V..but the battery is not charging.. could u give any idea...

    1. What is the rating of the battery?

  4. Anonymous19:52

    I want to know the battery Voltage please reply.

  5. Anonymous16:36

    Sit I want to Know about the Potential difference or battery Voltage And what you Specifies is the current. please reply the voltage.

    1. Battery rating should be 6-9 V, Chrrent rating may be 1300-1600 mAh = i.e 1.3 -1.6 Ah.

  6. Anonymous16:41

    nice post

  7. Anonymous14:05

    owesome post sir ... (Y) I get lot of information by this article.Thanks for sharing.

  8. hi i am kiran
    nice to see this great post
    i have a 12v adaptor.i am still beginner of this so i dont want to go for ac.instead of using ac on inputs i want to supply 12v 800ma.can u please modify this circuit and post to my
    thanks in advance
    please reply as soon as possible

    1. Dear..As you see,,,input is AC....but we convert it into DC because this electronics circuit is working on DC [as usually happen]

  9. Hi..

    What is the battery voltage for this cct..?


  10. Anonymous13:32

    i have problam with your drawing...

    i think the D1 (-) side connect with C3 (+) as your printed board photo. the diagram it is connected with D2(+)
    please correct me with checking your diagram and photo.
    my mail

    1. Just Save this image and then Open in Paint or simple Zoom... You will get it.

  11. Replies
    1. It sounds good, i think it was very useful and u need is battery back up.

  12. It sounds good, i think it was very useful and all i need is Battery back up........

  13. Anonymous17:01

    can i use C1 as JD 155k 250v instead CL 155j 250v ?

    1. Anonymous20:36

      Thanks for your reply. Wow now my light working, how long we need to charge the battery? its possible to add any circuit to indicate battery is full?

    2. Anonymous20:39

      Can you explain instead of " CL 155j 250V" i used JD 155K 250V, how the circuit work, due to this cause any problem in later? like battery damage or circuit damage like that.

    3. Red Led near by 5Ohm resistor is a battery indicator..
      To read about battery charging time and current...
      Read the following....
      And the diff b/w CL 155J 250V and JD 155K 250V" ...Wait for upcoming posts...Thanks

  14. Sir I give 12 v battery my circuit is worked or not...please reply

  15. images don't appear

    1. Dear Daher Yakoub...
      It is showing here,,, plz check again...