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Alternator / Generator MCQs with Explanatory Answers)

Alternator / Generator  MCQs with Explanatory Answers

1. The rating of Alternator / Generator may be expressed in ___________

  1. kW
  2. kVA
  3. kVAR
  4. HP

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Show Explanatory Answer

Answer:    2.   kVA
The power √3 VL IL Cos φ delivered by the alternator for the same value of current, depends upon p.f. (Power Factor=Cos φ) of the load. But the alternator conductors are calculated for a definite current and the insulation at magnetic system are designed for a definite voltage independent of p.f. (Cos φ) of the load. For this reason apparent power measured in kVA is regarded as the rated power of the alternator.

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