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General Capacitor Nameplate Rating (Electrolytic Capacitor)

General Capacitor Nameplate Rating (Electrolytic Capacitor)

Following are the General requirements  for an Electrolytic Capacitor Nameplates.

Manufacture’s Name
Capacitor Series
Maximum temperature
Maximum Voltage
Capacitor’s Value
(Capacitance in Farads,  µF, pF, or nF)

Here is the typical nameplate rating on the electrolytic Capacitor (External Container Box) as shown in below image.

Manufacture’s Name :       Rubycon
Capacitor Series:              CE               
Maximum temperature      105 Degree C
Maximum Voltage             400V
Polarity                           You can see Negative sign (lift side)
Capacitor’s Value             150 µF
(Capacitance in Farads,  µF, pF, or nF)

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Click image to enlargeGeneral Capacitor Nameplate Rating (Electrolytic Capacitor)Image by: Willtron. Modified By: Electrical Technology

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