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Why Battery rated in Ah (Ampere hour) and not in VA.

Why Battery rated Ah (Ampere hour) not VA.

Why Battery rating in Ah (Ampere hour) and not in VA.

Battery stores charge in the form of chemical energy and then converts it into electrical energy to utilize for a specific time. The amount of available charge is the capacity of a cell or battery which may be expressed in Ah (Ampere-hour). Moreover, in a charged battery, the numbers of molecules are limited to create a flow of electron in electric circuits, so, there must be a limited number of electrons in a cell/battery which they motivate through a circuit to fully discharge.
Now we have the option to rate the battery capacity in Number of flowing electrons for a specific time, but, it would be a headache, because there are a vast number of electrons in it.  So we have another option (1C (Coulomb) = 6.25 x 1018 electrons, or 6,250,000,000,000,000,000 electrons.
In addition, 1A (Ampere) = 1 coulomb of electrons per second and,
1h = 3600 Seconds
1Ah = (1A) x (3600s) = (C/s) x (3600s) = 3600 C.
A (1 Ampere) = 1 Coulomb per second = C/s
Why make up a new unit for battery capacity rating when an old one unit is doing just fine? L
Of course! To make your lives as technicians and students more difficult.  😉  
As they do for electricity units… i.e. 1 Unit of Electricity = 1kWh = 1 board of Trade Unit…
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