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Is it possible to Operate a 50Hz Transformer on 500Hz frequency Supply?

Is it possible to Operate a 50Hz Transformer on 500Hz frequency Supply?

What would happen if a power transformer designed for operation on 50 Hz (frequency) were connected to a 500 Hz (frequency) source of the same voltage?

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  1. Dibyajyoti Chowdhury says:

    i want to add another point to the already well explained answer…since cos@= R/Z so as Z increases in the case of f=500, current reduces as you said….and also the power factor reduces while voltage is at 230V.

  2. As the transformer size(area)remains thesame and”f” becomes 10 times…so from the equation pi(flux)=B*Awhere B is proportional to V/fAS V/F ratio is reduced the working flux gets reduced so the power transfer capability and secondary voltage will be reduced.As the Flux is reduced the MAGNATISING CURRENT which is required to produce the flux also reduced so the power factor improves a littlebit.Eddylossis proportional to voltagesquare so it remains constantbut the hysterisis loss will increase as they were proportional to “f”.so its effects can be summerised as follows:1.Rating will be reduced(as working flux is reduced)2.Regulation will be increased(as reactance drop increases with “f”)3.power factor will be improved(as magnetising current reduces)4.efficiancy is slightly reduced(as only Whare increased)5.Hissing soung becomes predominant.6.Strayload loss will gets increased.

  3. Is it possible to Operate a 50Hz 3 phase motors on 60Hz frequency Supply?

  4. R.Sreedhar says:

    how to test a 150 Hz designed transformer at a 50 Hz power supply
    Transformer – 4 KVA 3 Phase – Delta / Star
    415 / 50 volt .

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