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Can we replace a 110/220 Turns Transformer with 10/20 Turns?

Can we replace a 110/220 Turns Transformer with 10/20 Turns?

A step up transformer which has 110/220 turns.Can we replace it with 10/20 turns? Turns ratio is same shall its rating be same? Give appropriate reason?
Can we replace a 110/220 Turns Transformer with 10/20 Turns?Also read:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    conceptual….thnx for providing…

  2. Dibyajyoti Chowdhury says:

    there are some false assumptions here….No of turns is inversely proportional to flux. Firstly N1/N2= E1/E2 so since the turns ratio is same in both the cases so E1 and E2 should be same. Now what happens is that…to maintain the same potencial E1 when N1=10, the flux increases. This is from the relation E1 is directly proportional to N1* flux. Since N1 reduces so flux increases to keep

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Use the given data on Transformer Equation Now….

    2. Dibyajyoti Chowdhury says:

      but sir that is the point i need the modified value of flux corresponding to N1=10….since N1 decreases from 110 to 10 keeping the turn ratio(N2/N1) same….so the flux must correspondingly increase to a value of 0.099… Putting the new value of flux and N1 in eqn E1= 4.44f N1* flux..we get same value as before. This is due to the inverse relation between N1 and flux…E1(as got from emf

    3. Electrical Technology says:

      Dear!<br />First Put the values of Flux in webers and and Number of Turns in EMF Equation of Transformer.<br />E1 = 4.44 x 50 x 110 x 0.0091 = 220V<br />So if we we reduce the number of turns or Flux in webers, Then Induced EMF in the primary also will be reduced<br />

    4. Dibyajyoti Chowdhury says:

      The value for flux= 0.0091 that u used applies to the turns ratio 110/220 and not for the ratio 10/20. The value of flux for 20/10 is different.If u use the updated value for flux in the emf equation for 10/20 u will get the answer. New value of flux= 0.09909 for ratio 20/10…so<br />E1= 4.44 * 50*10*0.09909….solving this gives E1=220 V for ratio 10/20. . Sir u are considering the change in

    5. Electrical Technology says:

      Dear @ Dibyajyoti Chowdhury<br />Can you tell me that what you want to prove (Plz dnt mind) and what is the main point which you want to clear???

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