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Explain the statement that induction motor is fundamentally a Transformer?

The induction motor is fundamentally a transformer in which the stator is the primary and the rotor is short circuited secondary. This is evident; particularly hen the rotor is stationary. The rotor current establishes a flux which opposes and, therefore, tends to weaken the stator flux. This causes more current to flow in the stator winding just as increase in secondary current in a transformer causes a corresponding increase in primary current. Very often the analysis of an induction motor is made on the same lines as the transformer with the modification that short circuited secondary is considering rotating.
Also note that the working principle of both (Transformer and Induction Motor) is same i.e. Faraday law’s of Electromagnetic induction or Mutual induction.

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  3. Is there a way to run a Single phase motor 220Vac 2800RPM 50Hz, 9A, on a lesser RPM speed??? Is there a way to run such a motor on a 110Vac power supply to run it on a lesser RPM speed (does it operate on 110Vac)??

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