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Bulb connected in strange way? will it glow? What is the Current ?

What is the Current in the Amp Meter in this strange circuit? Will the Bulb Glow?

A Bulb is Connected in this strange way in series with Ammeter as shown in fig below. What will be the current in Amp-Meter? Bulb connected in strange way? will it glow? What is the CurrentNo! This Circuit does not make sense,  so Bulb will not glow and the Current in Ampere – Meter is Zero (0).
if we rearrange the circuit in same way, you can see the above circuit becomes like this one (as shown below). in other words, circuit is not completed (No Neutral , Just positive connected to the positive) and their is no current path to flow into it. so bulb will not glow. So don’t confuse with these kind of strange circuits in the quizzes.

Its mean, there will be no current flowing through Ampere meter. so the reading of  Ampere meter would be Zero. in other words there is no current flowing in the amp-meter.A Bulb is Connected in this strange way with Ammeter as shown in fig. then what will be the current in Amp-Meter

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