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Batteries Configuration. Series or Parallel?

Batteries Configuration. These Batteries have Connected in series or parallel?

Batteries Configuration. These Batteries have Connected in__________? Clear Your Concept.Batteries Configuration. Series or Parallel ? As we can see that Positive connected to positive terminal and Negative  connected to Negative Terminal. So the batteries configuration in Parallel.
How can we connect a load in this configuration, it is shown in the figure below. Batteries Configuration. These Batteries have Connected in series or parallel? Clear Your Concept.

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  1. I think only the position of application of load effects its configuration in my view.The fig. in the ans. proves that the batteries are in parllal but what if the load is connected in series with the two batteries ??

    1. Dear Goutham Kollurn #<br />Yes.. But you can see , this is parallel connection of batteries only, no matter how is the load connected with batteries in series or parallel. topic is only about batteries configuration. <br />you can connect load in series or parallel with batteries as per your requirements.<br />Thanx

    1. Dear Dheru @<br />As shown in fig 2. this load connected in series… if you have to be connect more loads in parallel..simply connect the load in parallel as shown in fig 2.

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