Write for Electrical Technology

Write for Electrical Technology

Thank you so much for your interest in writing and contributing for Electrical Technology!

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We welcome and love new writers and contributions for Electrical Technology.

Write for Electrical Technology

Do you have extensive experience in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Technology, and a passion for teaching and writing? If so, you could be the perfect fit for our Electrical Technology’s readership!

We have a very good package for selected members :)

Our aim is to publish and spread the useful and quality contents about Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Technology. You may submit well explained articles, lectures, your research papers, and project reports, “DIY” and “How to” step by step tutorials etc. related to various fields of Electrical/Electronic Engineering. Your precious efforts would be too helpful for newcomers, Electrical/Electronic Engineering students, Technicians well as Engineers.

Before submitting your articles, Please follow these simple terms and instructions.

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