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Design and Installation of EHV/EHV and EHV/HV Substations

Design and Installation of EHVHV and EHVHV Substations - Types and Configurations

Types and Configurations of EHV/EHV and EHV/HV Substations The Role of EHV/EHV and EHV/HV Substations in Transmission Network EHV/EHV and EHV/HV[1] substations are an important element of the electricity transmission network of a country or of a large area of a country and their functions are: Interconnection of power plants of the national or area electrical grid. Step up and …

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Power Distribution in Industries – All You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know about Power Distribution in Industries

Power Distribution in Industries – Everything You Need to Know Today we are intended to take you to the industrial environment by giving the picture of how an electric power distributed in industries. In industries, electrical panels play a major role in distributing the power that houses various equipments such as bus bars, circuit breakers, meters, etc. These panels are …

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