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Electrical & Electronics Notes and Articles

MV & HV Cable Termination to Equipment & Joints

MV & HV Cable Termination to Equipment

Medium & High Voltage (MV & HV) Cable Termination & Joints General Problems & Factors for Termination Terminations to indoor switchgears, electric motors, power transformers, instrument transformers and other electrical MV and HV (MV: Medium Voltage; 1 kV < V < 60 kV. HV: High Voltage: V ≥ 60 kV) equipment issues arising for multiple terminations design, namely for switchgears, …

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Electrical Works

natural rubber electrical insulating gloves protection material labeling chart

Electrical Works – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) To protect the employee’s body from injury Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be used. Basic PPE consists of: Cotton protective clothing with long sleeves Helmet or hard hat Goggles for eye protection Gloves (leather or rubber) Hearing protectors Safety footwear Figure 1 shows examples of PPE. Also Read: Emergency Planning for Safety & …

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Types & Characteristics of Surge Arresters

Lightning protection wires

Surge Arresters – Types & Characteristics Introduction Atmospheric lightning phenomenon on overhead lines and bare conductors or metallic structures of an outdoors substation and over voltages due to switching operations of equipments and networks (switching over voltages) can cause serious hazards to equipment. To protect the equipments and to aid insulation coordination surge arresters, also called “lightning arresters”, must be …

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Binary Decoder – Construction, Types & Applications

2 to 4 line decoder the expression for output two NOT gates and 4 AND gates

Digital Binary Decoder – Types & Construction What is Binary Decoder? A digital combinational circuit used for converting “n” bits of binary number into a combination of “2­n” or less unique and separate output lines is called digital decoder or binary decoder. In simple words, Binary Decoder used to decode a Binary Codes and it is the reverse of Binary …

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DEMUX – Demultiplexer | Types, Construction & Applications

Schematic of 1 to 2 Demultiplexer using logic gates

Digital Demultiplexer (Demux) What is Digital Demultiplexer (Demux)? A digital device capable of forwarding its single input onto any one of the output lines is called Demultiplexer abbreviated for DEMUX. It is the reverse of Multiplexer. A Demultiplexer has a single input and multiple outputs. It has 2n output lines where “n” is the number of control signals. Each combination …

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Digital Logic NAND Gate – Universal Gate

Digital Logic NAND Gate Symbol and Boleen Expression

Universal Digital Logic NAND Gate What is Logic NAND Gate? NAND Gate is a digital logic gate (Also known as Universal gate) produces logic LOW State “0” only and only when there is HIGH State “1” at all of the inputs. NAND gate is opposite /Invert of AND gate, in other words, if we connect NOT gate to the output …

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Digital Logic NOR Gate – Universal Gate

Universal Digital Logic NOR Gate What is Logic Nor Gate NOR Gate is a digital logic gate (Also known as Universal gate) which gives output “1” only and only when all of its inputs are logic LOW state “0”. NOR gate is invert of OR Gate. In other words, if we connect NOT gate to the output of OR gate …

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Exclusive-NOR (XNOR) Digital Logic Gate

LOGIC XNOR or Exclusive-NOR Gate

Exclusive-NOR Gate – Digital Logic XNOR Gate What is Logic XNOR or Exclusive-NOR Gate? XNOR gate also known as Exclusive-NOR or Exclusive-Negative OR gate is “A logic gate which produces High state “1” only when there is an even number of High state “1” inputs”. For 2-input gate, it can be interpreted as when both of the inputs are same, …

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