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Electrical Wiring Installation Diagrams & Tutorials

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    1. I think they must be seeing something different? Keeps going back to the home page. So I dont get to see any of the pictures or diagrams?

  1. Very useful site..<br />Can you please help me with circuit diagram for elevator installation in multistory building.<br />Do we have to use separate energy meter for building connection and elevator, as elevator motor is a three phase motor?<br />Bhavesh

  2. Dear guys please tell me the ISO maintenance of transformer,maintenance model(means by seeing the parts of transformer like silica gel breather by seeing the color we can judge the problem……………., and also for DG<br />

  3. Sir pls i want to know if there is any formular that will help me to know the sieze of cable to be use in my electrical installations.

  4. I have three phase electric motor 5 hp and pump 4″ dia ( submersible )and solar panels 150 watt each 12 volt 7 amp and three phase inventor how the system will be connected panels in series or in parallel as nothing is written on inverter
    MALIK Inam ur Rahim

  5. Please, send me a sample technical report on the design and wiring of residential buildings i.e 2-bedroom flat, 3- bedroom flats
    Thanks, as I shall be very grateful

  6. asalam o alaikom
    This is a great website for fresh graduate engineer and experienced engineers too.
    i appreciate your works and efforts for making this beneficial website for all peoples who want to get good knowledge.Please feed us with more advance knowledge of electrical engineering.
    Thankful to you and Allah that i Got your website

  7. Hi,

    Awesome Information. I would like to thank you for that. and can you please tell me that ” How can i get this material in PDF format” (Download option).

  8. Thanks for sharing this informative post about electric wires, Electrician can know that which type wire should they use. Keep giving updates.

  9. Thanks for sharing This is a great website for fresh graduate engineer and experienced engineers too.
    i appreciate you and your efforts for making this beneficial website for all peoples who want to get more knowledge bout an engineering aspect

  10. thanks of sharing your electrical knowledge ,please give the EOD crane control wiring diagram of four and five stage resistance box . So i can help you regarding this

  11. i can understand English,, but why no website in Spanish also ????. there is 800 Million people waiting for you
    everything is just fabulous, fantastic and perfect for this quarantine. i learn at lot, and I am 54 year old men just imagine a boy or girl in they 14 or 18 year old? could be change they live?
    is just a simple suggestion.
    thank you

  12. Perfect website! Here I found all electrical tutorials and useful things related to electrical wiring! It’s perfect ! similar sites are needed and searched badly in the Czech Republic! It’s great to know this one! Thanks.

  13. I’m having a hard time trying to find the wiring diagram of a YSY8218 FAN MOTOR. It has 4 wires a white, black, yellow, and blue. As well as CBB61 250VAC 50/60Hz

  14. I want to register of this site because i am electric man i want be a big electric engineering that is why i hope you will allow me to register with this site thank you.

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