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Basic Electrical & Electronics Interview Questions & Answers

Electrical & Electronics Interview Questions & Answers

Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Technology Interview Questions & Answers


Comparison & Differences 

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  1. RAVI KUMAR says:

    why not solar energy is very much common in india inspite of 305 days are clear sun shine.<br />

    1. umer rajput says:

      because of its high cost ..

    2. There is night also…

    3. How current is varied when symmetrical fault occars????

    4. what about other 60 days?

  2. RAVI KUMAR says:

    i want to participate in Electrical seminar<br />

  3. Kamrul Hasan says:

    At 400Hz Transformer rating is 400KVA, what will be the KVA rating at 50Hz?

  4. Ahmad Raza says:

    please give a tutorial on transformer winding and designing i.e turn ratio,current rating etc

  5. Ron Sarbz says:

    If we took a cheap portable generator and remove the engine that drives it, attach it to bike pedals or turbine blades and run it on humanpower or steam, will it work just the same? Thank you.

  6. I need some help to see if there is a solution that will involve not using a generator. Are there any batteries that would be capable of operating a table top food warmer with a 400 watt heat element and 100 watt bulb? If there are, what would be the max duration the warmer could reasonably function. The idea is to make a portable food cart bicycle. Most hot dog vendor bicycle carts use propane but will make food soggy. I just need a warming device for items like pizza or bread sticks, food you don’t want steamed. A generator would be too loud for a small bicycle food cart. Are there any batteries or innovative ideas that could work?


  7. mandeep kumar pradhan says:

    waleed khalafalla: need about high voltage..

  8. kadiri Monday says:

    What is the deference between voltage and current.tnks 4 ur respond

    1. sharath k s says:

      In simple word current is ur body and voltage is ur potential … push ur body potential is required

  9. HEMASUNDAR says:

    NICE Q&A’S


  10. b thirupathi says:

    wt is derationg factor

  11. I want answer for all questions…

  12. Thanveer ahamed says:

    Its v.useful

  13. I want to all answers the flowing question

  14. as law in Dc Positive – Negative = Negative -A + Positive -E but i seen its diffrance why

  15. Pls explain the following and how these are workingwith PLC

    1.I/O module Card
    2.I/O Bus
    3.RS 485-FC
    4.Adaptor Card
    5.Ribbon Adaptor

  16. Hi,
    I bought a mobile phone from USA a Sprint samsung galaxy s2 d 710, a CDMA phone, it means they have not a sim slot (they have only an SD memory card slot.). I found in the market a device comprising the sim card slot and the SD memory card slot together.
    My question is: Can I remove the old device which has only SD memory card slot and replace it with the new one comprising the two slots and put it on the motherboard ? Can this new device work properly whithout problem ?
    Best Regards

  17. Mahi Mahendra says:

    I want download all this please set the downloaded link

  18. Debaprasad Santra says:

    The phase voltage of a 3 phase source are V1(t)=100cos( t60o), V2(t)=100cos( t+60o), V3(t)= -100cos( t) this source is————–

    a) Balanced and positive sequence b) unbalanced and positive sequence
    c) Balanced and negative sequence d) unbalanced and negative sequence

  19. i want an alarm which rung only one time after the electricity comes than automatically turn off any body can help me about it

    1. Samant singh says:

      Keep your fan light switches turned on while the electricity is gone. When electricity comes they’ll start operating. Best alarm ever.

  20. Can I know the formula to calculate the genset capacity? For example, what are the genset capacity for 50amps PRIME power and 50amps STANDBY power ? Thank you.

  21. joseph mark Wasswa says:

    I need answers to all these questions

  22. i just need answer for all d question.

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Just Click on the Question and you will be able to find the answer :) Thanks

  23. very good resource for electrical engineering interview material

  24. Kristopher Arbuckle says:

    can i take the lcd screen from a vehicle dvd player and connect it to a head unit to operate as a video display?

  25. manjunath says:

    so brillient knowlage of electric basic

  26. Noman Sediqi says:

    thanks for help

  27. Lipun kumar Nayak says:

    Nice question and answer. Thank u sir

  28. payal pawar says:

    Thank you – this is the most useful post I have ever come across with respect to Electonics Interview Questions! I can’t tell you have much time and effort you have saved me by listing all these fabulous Questions and Answers and tips.

  29. What is meant by Modular inverter? please do reply

  30. Electrical design. says:

    I have my interview this week, was searching for best questions and answers for electrical deign your article contents best questions it helped me a lot its a great share.


    please I will like to get the link to download the interview questions and answers thank you

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