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All Electrical and Electronic Symbols

All Electrical Symbols & Electronic Symbols

Electronic and Electrical Symbols are very important in Electrical and Electronics Engineering which virtually represents the actual components in a circuit. In the previous post, we posted about electrical and electronics engineering formulas. In this post, we will be showing almost all and different electrical and electronic engineering related symbols and schematic of the circuits and components with description.

Basic Electrical Electronic Symbols batteryBasic Electrical / Electronic Symbols
Transformer Symbols – Single Line Transformer SymbolsTransformer Symbols
Motor SymbolElectric Motors Symbols
Generator and Alternator SymbolsGenerator and Alternator Symbols
Resistor symbolsResistor Symbols
capacitor symbolCapacitor and Condenser Symbols
Inductor SymbolsInductor Symbols
Fuses & Circuit Breakers and Protection SymbolsFuse & Circuit Breaker Symbols
Switches and Push Buttons SymbolsSwitches and Push Buttons Symbols
Relay SymbolsRelay Symbols
Diode SymbolsDiode Symbols
Transistor, MOSFET & IGFET SymbolsTransistor, MOSFET & IGFET Symbols
Thyristor, DIAC and TRIAC SymbolsThyristor, DIAC and TRIAC Symbols
Electronic Logic Circuits and Programming SymbolsLogic Circuits & Programming Symbols
Digital Logic Gates SymbolsDigital Logic Gates Symbols
Digital Flip-Flop and Latches SymbolsDigital Flip-Flop and Latches Symbols
Electronic Filters SymbolsElectronic Filters Symbols
1000+ Electrical and Electronic Enbineering Symbols

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