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  1. amps and if all that is on it is a 120 v pool pump n light. if not then get a 50 amp bkr for main panel, a 50 amp GFCI outdoor spa panel, hoevwer many feet it is to main panel plus extra for spa feed. run new circuit for spa, make sure it is # 6 /3 w/ gnd,u need to gnd your motor in the spa enclosure. depending on where your at it may also require a driven gnd its pretty difficult w/out help. but it could cost 500/ 800 dollars to have it installed. i have 20 yrs as electrician if i were u i would call some one then u don’t have any worries

  2. TOWER CRANE POWER SUPPLY: Tower crane main panel fed from site 50HZ standby generator. How can you interconnect a 3P + N Residual Current Protective Switch with a 3P Adjustable Motor Protection Switch and Overvoltage Arresters using TT-network inside the site main panel which will supply power to the tower crane main switchgear cabinet? I will appreciate if a sketch can be used in the explanation.

  3. We need knowledge partner / consultancy and advisory services to set up Electronic Manufacturing Cluster near Hyderabad International Airport whether you or your network of experts provide required services? If you are interested please revert back at the earliest please.

  4. I would like some technical assistance regarding transformer. My question is i have a transformer of 2000kva, Its voltage ratio is 6/0.415 KV now i want to use this transformer on 6.6KV instead on 6KV. What will be the impact on transformer and can we use it on continuous operation. Secondly can we use it by changing its tap on 6.6kv.

    Kindly assist me.


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