ABB Vs Siemens (A General Review)

ABB Vs Siemens (A General Review)
By:  Candice Hubbard

ABB Vs Siemens
ABB Ltd., is currently the biggest builder of power grids in the world. The company, located in Switzerland considers itself to be a worldwide leader in reference to power and automation technologies which serve to allow customers of utility and industry to better their operation while decreasing the environmental effect. The main competitors it has are its fellow large industrials that own electric portfolios which are also large, such Siemens. Below is a comparison of the two companies:

Comparison Between ABB and SIEMENS

Companies like Static Electrics can do the commercial or residential work required, such as appliance repair, or rewiring, but it is the companies such as ABB and Siemens which keep the electricity flowing to the utility companies which send it to your home.
It can be argued that both Siemens and ABB have notable portfolios, but ABB’s may have the edge as far as alliance goes. This is because they are strongly focused on software although they are a bit lacking in communications ability. Now this is getting more complicated than just talking about dryer repairs, but it’s still not that difficult to understand.

It frequently happens that large companies wind up having a collection of companies that are like little kingdoms within themselves. ABB has tried to remedy this by focusing more on solutions than products. While Siemens still suffers from the isolation factor with its companies. in addition, both companies are backbone of Electrical and Electronics especially in the field of Controlling, Green Energy, like Solar and Wind Energy.

New Ideas
Along with Siemens ABB is currently concentrating on making its distribution management system stronger. It’s also created vast improvements in electrical engineering, a field in which Siemens has seemed to hold back.
ABB is also looking to blend together expertise from its various divisions. That’s a great idea when stated, but when trying to put it into practice a company can run into difficulties, so it’s just a matter of time to see what develops with ABB in this area. One of the things it is trying to accomplish is better design and control of its electrical grids. In their distribution grid they’ve already made vast improvements in their platform for electrical outage management, an area where all of its competitors, including Siemens have seemed to lag behind.
ABB seems to have made the greater progress when it comes to being able to send electricity to utility companies without interruption from storms, etc. This benefits companies like Static Electrics as far as knowing that they will be able to continue their work without worrying that the utility company might not be able to keep up a steady supply of electricity to them when the weather is foul. This includes not just thunderstorms or windy conditions, but being able to keep up a continuous supply of electricity through hurricanes and tornadoes as well.

All in all it does seem that ABB has the edge over Siemens when it comes to planning for the future, and being able to put those ideas into action. Siemens is a solid company and they are far from being out of the race, but they just haven’t been able to come up with the innovations that ABB has managed to create and implement. Also ABB has proven to be more consistent and reliable when it comes to having a focus for where it believes the industry will be going over the next several years, and their role in the future. And while all of this discussing of both companies is a lot more complicated than discussing a residential electric company making dryer repairs, it’ easy enough to understand that most professionals in the know consider ABB to be the up and coming company of the future.

Candice had worked as a residential electrician making dryer repairs. Her extensive experience in the electrical field had made her qualified to write on the topic of electrical companies and their potentials and she had written dozens of articles on this.

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  1. Interesting headline but your comparison has no sense. As someone with residential electrician background you don’t seem qualified to compare ABB and Siemens except maybe from customer point of view.
    Making judgments like stated in this article, without any data, evidences, real prdoducts mentioned, market data is just BS that.

    Sorry, but it really is like this.

    Best regards,


    1. Thanks for positive review… This was a guest post and saved in drafts (accidentally published) … we are going to remove this post and replace with a detailed one. Once again thanks

  2. i am interested about comparing this two but in the aspect of Switch gear items, actually our supplier was trying
    to change the offer into SIEMENS instead of ABB , and I want to see the big difference of these two. Can anyone
    give me idea of their difference in terms of Cost, Durability or Life and Standards ?

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