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What is the Admittance and how Does it calculate ?

Admittance: The admittance is defined as the reciprocal of impedance just as conductance is the reciprocal of resistance i.e.,
Admittance, Y = 1/Z = 1/ (V/I) = I/V———> I=VY
The unit of admittance is Siemens and its symbol is S. the admittance of a circuit may be considered as a measure of the ease with which a circuit can conduct alternating current. Thus a circuit with a higher value of admittance will have a higher value of current. The reader  ( You) may  wonder about the utility of the new term admittance, “ the reciprocal of impedance”  in the parallel circuit analysis. Soon we will see its importance,
As we know that there are two components(X and R) of impedance Z,) as shown in fig 1, similarly, there are two components (G and B) of admittance Y. (As shown in fig 2)
   For More Detail chick the next post as a tittle ” Components of Admittance. ( Simple Explanation)
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