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How To Wire a 3-Phase kWh meter? Installation of 3-Phase Energy Meter.

How To Wire a Three Phase kWh Energy Meter? (3-phase, 4 Wire Energy Meter)

Installation of 3 Phase kWh Energy Meter

today, we are going to show that how to wire and install a 3-Phase kWh energy meter (Three phase or Poly Phase (3-phase, 4 Wire)  (Digital or Analog Energy Meter) from the supply to The Main Distribution Board?

Below is the connection of 3-Phase ( Three phase or Poly Phase (3-phase,4 Wire)) kWh meter (Digital or Analog Energy Meter) from the Supply to The Main Distribution Board.

How To Wire a 3-Phase kWh meter? Installation of 3-Phase Energy Meter.
How To Wire 3-Phase kWh meter

Below is the most common inner connection of of 3-Phase energy meter.

how to install a three phase kWH or Energy meter

Here is another live example of a a three phase energy meter which has been installed on the main pole of source supply.

how to wire 3phase energy meter

how to wire a 3-phase kwh meter?
How to install a Three Phase kWh Energy meter?

In the above graphics and diagrams,

R = RED Phase / Live Wire from the source supply voltage

Y = YELLOW Phase / Live Wire from the source supply voltage

B = BLUE Phase / Live Wire from the source supply voltage

Line or IN =  Incoming Phase / live or Neutral from the source supply voltage

OUT = Out going Phase / live or Neutral to the home main distribution board.

Warning: This example shows the most common used arrangement in the world, but there are variations as well in some areas. In different countries RYB, ABC (old standard) or UVW (newer standard) and maybe others (as Electrical Wiring Color Codes) are used and are equivalent. The setting may be different in other type of kWh or energy meter in different locations around the world. For safety. Please contact to the supply and service provider to confirm the connection type before installation.

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