70+ Funny Electrical Engineering – Funny Electrician & Students

Funny Electrical Engineering Students and Electricians (Images Story)

Today, We are going to be off topic (may be not in some cases) to show you some funny parts of Electrical Engineering that happens or happened around us. If you are Electrical or Electronic Engineer, Student, Electrician, Technician or hobbyist, We are sure that you are a part of one of them in the following image gallery. So It is fun time, stay cool and enjoy. Just click on the image to open the gallery in enlarge format.

P.S. If you have more funny images related to Electrical Engineering and want to add them in this gallery, Please send it in Electrical Technology Facebook Page inbox. Thanks.

Note: These Photos are taken out from the Internet and not related to the Electrical Technology Team. If these (or some) photos in this gallery annoying/humiliates you or having copyright issues, Please Contact us.



  1. c.o.c ,how to do pssc and earth loop impendance tests and what results or readings allowed or must I get .

  2. Really funny pictures….lol

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