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Digital Latches – Types of Latches – SR & D Latches

Gated S-R Latch with NOR Gate

Types of Digital Latches, Construction & Applications What is Digital Latch? A sequential logic circuit or electronic device used for storing binary information is known as Latches. Latches are bi-stable multi-vibrator; it means that latches have 2 stable states, LOW and HIGH. It stores the information provided to it in binary form and does not need a constant input. The …

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Binary Multiplier – Types & Binary Multiplication Calculator

schematic of 3x3 multiplier using single-bit adder

Digital Binary Multiplier & Binary Multiplication Calculator What is Digital Binary Multiplier? A binary multiplier is a combinational logic circuit or digital device used for multiplying two binary numbers. The two numbers are more specifically known as multiplicand and multiplier and the result is known as a product. The multiplicand & multiplier can be of various bit size. The product’s …

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Binary Encoder – Construction, Types & Applications

Schematic of 8 to 3 line encoder using OR gate

Digital Binary Encoder – Types & Construction What is Binary Encoder? A combinational circuit capable of converting “2n” input signals into “n” signals (such as BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Binary etc) is called binary encoder also known as digital encoder.. Its operation is exactly opposite of Binary Decoder. In simple words, Binary Encoder used to encode a Binary Codes. It …

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Binary Decoder – Construction, Types & Applications

2 to 4 line decoder the expression for output two NOT gates and 4 AND gates

Digital Binary Decoder – Types & Construction What is Binary Decoder? A digital combinational circuit used for converting “n” bits of binary number into a combination of “2­n” or less unique and separate output lines is called digital decoder or binary decoder. In simple words, Binary Decoder used to decode a Binary Codes and it is the reverse of Binary …

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DEMUX – Demultiplexer | Types, Construction & Applications

Schematic of 1 to 2 Demultiplexer using logic gates

Digital Demultiplexer (Demux) What is Digital Demultiplexer (Demux)? A digital device capable of forwarding its single input onto any one of the output lines is called Demultiplexer abbreviated for DEMUX. It is the reverse of Multiplexer. A Demultiplexer has a single input and multiple outputs. It has 2n output lines where “n” is the number of control signals. Each combination …

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