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An Overview of Energy Conservation in Buildings

Tips & Techniques for Energy Conservation in home & Building

Tips & Techniques for Energy Conservation in Buildings The high energy costs adversely affect all sectors of the economy and a determined effort to reduce the energy consumption and costs is, therefore, we need energy conservation and an energy efficient system in our homes as well as industrial and commercial sectors. Energy is one of the major inputs for the …

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Lighting Design Calculation in a Building – Step by Step

Lighting Design Calculation in a Building - Step by Step

How to do Lighting Design Calculation in a Building – Electrical Wiring Installation In professional field proper lighting design is very important because an under lighting arrangement will decrease the efficiency of the task for which the lightings were designed and an over lighting arrangement will result in over expenditure of the company. On small scale this difference is not …

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Power Distribution in Industries – All You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know about Power Distribution in Industries

Power Distribution in Industries – Everything You Need to Know Today we are intended to take you to the industrial environment by giving the picture of how an electric power distributed in industries. In industries, electrical panels play a major role in distributing the power that houses various equipments such as bus bars, circuit breakers, meters, etc. These panels are …

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Different Types of Wiring Systems and Methods of Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring Systems. Cleat Wiring

Methods of Wiring And Different Types of Wiring Systems  Methods of Electrical Wiring Systems w.r.t Taking Connection Wiring (a process of connecting various accessories for distribution of electrical energy from supplier’s meter board to home appliances such as lamps, fans and other domestic appliances is known as Electrical Wiring) can be done using two methods which are Joint box system …

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GFCI: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Types & Working

How GFCI works? Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) At home or outside, there is no way can we do without electricity and electrical devices. These are the indispensible necessities of our modern day lives. But sometimes their accidental “touch” can give a painful shock resulting in serious injuries which at times, sadly enough can have fatal consequences. Do you know? Thousands of children …

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