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Room Air Cooler Wiring Diagram # 2. (With Capacitor marking and Installation)

 Room Air Cooler Wiring Diagram # 2 (With Capacitor marking and Installation)
 Note: Check the Room Cooler Wiring Diagram  # 1
 Room Air Cooler Wiring Diagram # 1
 Room Air Cooler Wiring Diagram # 2 (With Capacitor marking and Installation)
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Room Air Cooler Wiring Diagram With Capacitor marking and Installation

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  3. it is not exact sir. 1 que. sir.
    i have 160ah battery. if i load it with 60 watt fan and 30 watt tube light so much back time it will give?? exact plz
    @ how much time and current a 160 ah battery will take to get fully charge?
    it may take 13 or 14 amp but the wire i have install in charging section is
    .75mm so i wonder how it carries a large current without getting damage since 3 years?????? plz sir help me

  4. sahil azam says:

    Sir mujhe cooler motor ke 3 speed cancson m help chahiye

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