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Factors of Contactor’s Contact Design

Factors of Contactor’s Contact Design

The Following factors consider while designing the Contactor’s contacts
Current carrying Capacity
The ability of current carrying capacity of contacts takes into account while designing contactor’s contacts. The same factor consider while selecting the material for contacts. Hard drawn copper or forged copper is a good option for better result.
Pressure between Contacts
Pressure between contacts is directly proportional to the current carrying capacity of contactor’s contacts, i.e. when pressure between contacts increase, Current carrying capacity of contacts also increases. But there is a limit and it is not useful to increase the pressure to cross the limit, however, we may increase the pressure to get the desired result.
Mass of the contact
Heat emission from the contactor’s contacts is directly proportional to the mass of contacts. So the mass of the contact is another factor which is to be considered while designing contacts.
In contact designing, they define the power loss at a given temperature and can increase the available radiation surface for heat emission by the proper sizing of mass.
Surface of the Contacts
The Contactor’s surface should be clean and seamless without oxide layers. Contactor’s contact surface may get rough, corrugated and black. In this case, contacts may be overhauled or totally replace with new ones.
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Factors of Contactor's Contact Design
Factors of Contactor’s Contact Design. Image by ABB
So these were the factor of Contactor’s Contact Design, in next posts, we will discuss about Contactor Designing.

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