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How To Calculate Your Electricity Bill. Electric Bill Calculator with Examples

Calculate Your Electricity Bill in 1 min by Simple Calculation. Electric Energy Bill Calculator

It is very easy to calculate the electricity bill and tariff for electrical engineering students and professionals but, it makes confusion for non-technical people that concern about their electric charges from the electricity service providers.

Below is a simple example and calculation about electricity bill. By following this simple tutorial, you will be able to easily calculate your electricity bill. In addition, we have added a very useful electrical energy, and electricity bill calculator for easy calculation of electric power consumption.

How To Calculate Your Electricity Bill Simple Calculation.


Suppose, a consumer consumes 1000 watts load per hour daily for one month. Calculate The Total Energy bill of the consumer if per unit rate is 9 (In $, £, €, INR ,Rs, DHR, Riyal etc) [Take 1 month = 30 Days].


1 Unit = 1kWh.

So the Total kWh = 1000 Watts x 24 Hrs x 30 Days = 720000     …     Watts / hour.

We want to convert it into electric units, Where 1 Unit = 1kWh.

So the total consumed units by user: = 720000 / 1000     …     (k = kilo =1000).

Total Consumed Units = 720.

The cost of per unit electricity is 9.

Therefore, the total Cost of Electricity Bill = 720 units x 9 = 6480. (In $, £, €, ¥, INR “₹” PKR, Rs, Peso, AED “Dirham”, SAR “Riyal” etc. or any other currency).

That’s it. You have Done :)

Electricity Bill Calculator

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Typical Appliance:
Power Usage:
Hours of Use per Day: Hours/Day
1 Unit “kilowatt-hour (kWh)” Cost:
Electricity Cost per Day:  
Electricity Cost per Month:  
Electricity Cost per Year:  

Electric Utility Bill Calculation

Calculation of Electric Energy Consumption

The following formula is used for electrical energy consumption.

E = P x t     …     (Wh)

E = P x t ÷ 1000     …     (kWh)

Consumed Energy = Energy Used in Watts x Time in Hours


  • E = Electrical Energy (Consumed in kWh)
  • P = Power in Watts
  • t = Time in hours per day

Wh (Watt-hour) is a small unit, so we divide the consumed energy on 1000 to get the value of energy in kWh instead of Wh.

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Consumed Energy = 2kW x 5 Hours = 10kWh

Calculation of Cost of Electricity and Bill Estimation

The following formula can be used as electric bill estimator per hour in dollars or other local currency.

Cost of electricity per hour = Consumed Energy in kWh x Cost of 1 Unit electricity

Cost Per Hour = kWh x Unit Price

E = P x t     …     (Wh)

E = P x t ÷ 1000     …     (kWh)

Energy Cost = Energy Used in kWh x Time in Hours


Cost Per Hour = 5kWh x .50 Cents per unit = $2.5

Good To Know:

A question is raised about why we multiplied the total consumed watts with 24 although the daily rate is already given. Note that It is not the value of daily rates, but It’s the rate of Per Unit electricity, Where 1 Unit = 1 kWh (Also known as 1 = B.T.U = Board of Trade Unit).

Good to know: 1 Board of Trade Unit = 1 B.O.T Unit = 1kWh = 1000Wh = 36 x105 … Joule or Watt-seconds = 3.6 MJ 

For instance, If you switched ON a 1000 watt bulb for 1 hour, It means you have consumed 1000 watts for an hour i.e. (1000 watts for 1 hour = 1kWh = 1 unit of energy). So if the rate of one unit is $5 , then you will have to pay 5 Dollars as electric bill for your lighted bulb which have consumed 1000 watts for one hour = 1kWh = 1 unit of electricity.

Power Consumption of Typical Home Appliances in Watts

The following table shows the estimated value of wattage rating (in Watts) for different and common household devices, appliances and equipment.

Electrical Appliance Power Wattage in Watts “W”
Fan 80
LED Light Bulb 25
AC – Air Conditioner 900
Refrigerator 250
Electric Heater 2000
Water Heater 4000
Hair Dryer 1500
Clothes Dryer 3000
Clothes Iron 1400
Dishwasher 1300
Electric Kettle 1700
Toaster Oven 1100
Microwave Oven 1000
Desktop Computer 150
Laptop Computer 100
TV – Television 120
Stereo Receiver 300
Vacuum Cleaner 1200
Washing Machine 1500
Coffee Machine 1000
Blender 500
Water Pump 800
Sewing Machine 100
Thankless Water Heater 15000

Isn’t it easy to calculate your electricity bill?… if you face any problem regarding your electricity bill calculation or want to know more about your costume (home, residential or commercial electricity bill, let us know in the comment box below. We will help as soon as possible

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  1. Vinod Chemmangattu says:

    7201000/1000= 7201. not 720. Please correct it.

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Thanks was calculator error..

      1. I want calculate electrical industrial unit of consumed if I connected 200/5. CT to ac 3phase 4 wire electronic kwh meterCT-2M

    2. Hellooo Vinod Sir how u Get that 7201000… 1000x24x30=720000 na… than how u get that 7201000 .. again nxt comment u said that 1000x24x30=720000 … i'm fully confused about u r comment please explain me…. Vindos sir and Electrical Technology

      1. Dilip Kumar says:

        Sir,we’re doing a project work of an electric vehicle. using 60v, 220Amph battery I need to find out how many units it is consuming and distance it was traveling is 100 kms per charge

      2. Dear sir,
        Im shyam from Telangana state, i would like to request you to share us how to calculate power bill from three phase energy meter and also for what parameters we need to consider for calculation

    3. Electrical Technology says:

      Dear Karthik@<br />Vinod have corrected the above calculation…as 1000x24x30=720000…but mistakenly, we had written 7201000 instead of 720000. That&#39;s why you are confused.

      1. If I use 2000 watts otg for 1hr with the unit rate of rs.9 then what is the cost for that 1 hr??

        1. 2000w in conver to kw= 2000/1000=2kw
          So conver in hr. =2kwh
          Now u can say unit rate is 9 so
          Your ANS is 18 rupees


        1. Prashanth says:

          Hi RD Soni Ji,

          1500watt in convert to kw= 1500/1000=1.5kw
          So convert in hr. =1.5kwh
          Now u can say unit rate is 9/- so
          Your ANS is 13.5 rupees


          1. 10288kwh are in how many units

      3. MOHAMMED YUSUF says:

        hi what will be the formula for 3 phase

    4. looking for the price for 60kwh per day

  2. Vinod Chemmangattu says:

    1000x24x30= 720000. Not 7201000

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Thanks was calculator error..

      1. BTU = British Thermal Unit ☺️

    2. Electrical Technology says:

      for how long??? i.e, how many hours u using these appliances in a day…

    3. Subburaj Gobi says:

      hellow sir,<br />i am subbu….i am using commercial. i am using 1 laptop and 1 fan and 1 florescent lamp … 1 unit per cost 7 rupess..<br />how is to calculte per month<br /><br />

    4. NAVEEN KUNA says:


      1. Pankaj singh chauhan says:

        Hume kisi chej ka 1hour ki unit nikalni ho to kaise nikalte h

      2. mustafa manzoor says:

        plz tell me
        how to calculate 3 phase electricity bill


        mustafa manzoor

    5. NAVEEN KUNA says:

      1000 watts daily for one month (24 hrs) .. 1000w 24hours 30 days (1000wx24hx30d) =units 720

      1. Jumdo Karbak says:

        I think according to the question it should be:
        1000w x 1hr ÷1000 = 1Kwh or a unit per day
        Or 30 Kwh or 30 units per month.

        # If load factor of 0.6 were given on above question, how would u approach to solution??

    6. NAVEEN KUNA says:


  3. yeasinsardar says:

    this is a very useful site.<br />this site is very useful for us because we learn many things from this site.<br />thank you for this awesome post.<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">technology</a>

  4. good explanation but my doubt if my total consumption is 250 units then i am paying 250*4=1000 Rs. does it mean cost of 250kW is 1000Rs if my question is wrong then what is the total amount of the palnt spendng on me to supply 250 units in a month?

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Yes! If your consumed Units are 250 [250kWh] and your bill is Rs. 1000, then your are paying Rs. 4 per Unit Electricity.

      1. hemant sharma says:

        Plz what is one unit charge in Jaipur

        1. Electrical Technology says:

          It depends on your service provider (different charges are applied in different countries and locations).
          In addition, the per unit charges are also mentioned in your electricity bill (In most cases).

  5. kashif hussain says:

    simpel formula is E=PT

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Only for this post…..but not apply on three phase and other load calculations

      1. MOHAMMED YUSUF says:


  6. As per your statement &quot;A consumer consumes 1000 watts daily for one month&quot; so that equals to 1000W *30 =30000 W hence 30kwh, <br />If your statement was &quot;A consumer uses 1000W bulb (power consumption for electrical appliances is mostly stated in watt h) for 24hrs/ day for a month of 30days. then ur calculation 1000 x 24 x 30 = 720000 watts/hour is right.<br />

    1. Electrical Technology says:


    2. Hello Rohit sir.. here in that Question we can lighted that bulb in only 1 hour na… then how u calculated that total hours(24 hrs) .. 1000x24x30.. in that Multiplication it not comes to 24hrs i think. bcoz we can lighted only 1 hour na…. please solve my Confusion … my problem is linked with other questions also… :( :(

      1. ronikanta says:

        Read the Q one more

      2. Engr Ahsaan says:

        1 MW = 1000 kilowatts…

        Therefore, a 1 MW power plant will produce 1000 Kilowatts per hour,.and we know 1 kWh is equal to 1 Unit.. so if there is 1000 watts appliance used electricity for 10 hours then it means 10 units of electricity used.. if 1 unit is of 5 rupees then we can find out the monthly cost as..

        1000 Watts*10 Hrs*30 Days= 300000 watts/hour.

        Where is 1 unit = 1 kWh.

        300000/1000 =300 Units

        Cost of per unit is 5.

        So total Cost or Electricity bill=5*300=1500

      3. 1hp ka electricmotor 1hr chalega to kitna unit aaiga

    3. Electrical Technology says:

      Dear Karthik @<br />Check the Question as&quot;A consumer consumes 1000 watts load per hour daily for one month.Calculate The Total Energy bill&quot;<br />So 1000W/h daily = 1000W/h x 24….(As daily mean = 24 hrs in a day.)<br />That&#39;s why we have multiplied it with 24.

  7. i&#39;m fully confused… Why u multiply with 24 hrs (1000x24x30) … in that Question 1000 watts load per hour daily for one month.. it means we can loaded that bulb in 1 hour Only in total 30 days na… that bulb not loaded 24 hours only in one hour… then why u multiply that 24hrs.

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      1000Watt per hour Daily = 1000W/h x 24<br />Check the Question as&quot;A consumer consumes 1000 watts load per hour daily for one month.Calculate The Total Energy bill&quot;<br />So 1000W/h daily = 1000W/h x 24….(As daily mean = 24 hrs in a day.)<br />That&#39;s why we have multiplied it with 24.

    2. Ohhh okay Thank u ET…. in that question load per hour daily for one month,,, but i want i&#39;m consumes 1 hour only in whole day for One month then how much units we can consumed…

    3. Electrical Technology says:

      If you mean 1000Watt only for One hour daily (take 1 month = 30 days)<br />the,<br />1000W x 1Hr x 30 Days = 30000WH = 30kWH = 30Units

    4. Oh Nice Thank u ET.. now totally gone Confuse.. thank u very Much.. if Diff Diff watt bulbs and Heaters are using in 3, 4 hours how to calculate… Hey in this site is thier any Electrical Calculator as per India, AP Units and Tariff.

    5. Electrical Technology says:

      In case of Different load…. Add all those loads and usage per hour…then multiply with 30 , if you want to find the electric bill for 0ne month.

    6. Tayyab Chughtai says:

      Karthik Brother Simple Formula,

      1500 Watt 3 Hour Daily,

      You Use 135 Unit Per Month.

  8. Anonymous says:

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  9. Anonymous says:

    if i have 100 watt bulb and it is usage 3 hr per day in a month how does it calculate

    1. 100 x 3hrs x 24 hrs

      and then divided by 1000

      1. No I think 100×3hrs×30days then devided by 1000

        1. Tayyab Chughtai says:

          You are Right Brother

    2. Pravalika says:

      It convent into kwh=9000/1000
      As per units =9units

  10. Sir, Energy using in Telecom Towers with 3Phase s/m LT service. Each phase drawing 16A, 12A, 12A respectively. Load is static. How to calculate the avg.units per day/month/bimonthly. CT ratings 20A each phase. Trivector energy meter installed.

  11. 3Phase LT Connection with Trivector energy meter CT ratings 20A. Each Phase drawing 16A,12A &amp; 12A respectively. Static load

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hello !<br /><br />I&#39;m Shubham<br /><br />tell me, how to calculate one bill between 3meters on the basis of Unit

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hello !<br /><br />How to calculate one bill between 3 meters on the basis of unit

  14. Anonymous says:

    please solve this equation <br /><br />i have a 100w bulb operate 5 hours a day and 80w ceiling fan operate 10 hours a day. how to calculate a electric bill

  15. Rukon Uzzaman says:

    Please help me to calculate :<br />02 fans used avg. 16 hrs daily, means that total 32 hrs, 02 lights used daily 20hrs and 01 fridge ( 12cft ) 24hrs. <br />What will be the total units for a month?

  16. Anonymous says:

    i have question – a household uses the following electrical appliances -<br />1.a fridge of rating 400W for 10hrs each day.<br />2. two fans of rating 80W each for 12hrs per day.<br />3. six electric bulbs of rating 18W each for 6hrs each day<br />so, calculate electricity bill of house hold for month of june , if cost per unit of electrical energy is Rs5.

  17. A.K.Saklani says:

    I was confused about my electric consumption. This site helped me,thanks.

  18. Bharath Norton says:

    4.308 units<br />

  19. Bharath Norton says:

    4.088 units perday

  20. Anonymous says:

    how do the sebs calculate for load in 3 phase – do they average out on each phase in meter.. for eg. R phase 3 amps , Y phase 5 amps and B phase 6 amps single phase load, then do they average on each phase of a 3 phase meter ?? and then calculate average power for 3 phase?? please clarify

  21. this site is very useful to me.thank you for your ans

  22. my bill is 1185/- units are 245 is it correct bill, how to caluclate please reply.

  23. how to caluclate the electricity bills? my bill amount is 1185/- unts are 245 is correct rate.

  24. nitesh kumar nagar says:

    sir i m using 0.5hp single phase motor every day minimum 3hrs running and 6.39paisa/unit cost .what is the monthly consumtion of this pump .please send me calculation details

    1. ghulam dustgeer says:

      total units=0.373*3*30=33.57units
      ur mntly conusmption=214.5123

      1. why you multiply 746 with 0.5. as we know motor is 0.5hp. kindly confirm

        1. Electrical Technology says:

          @Anna… As you know that, there are 746Watts in 1hp….
          Therefore, To convert the 0.5hp into watts,,, That’s why they multiplied with 746Watts….

  25. I used to be able to find good info from your blog articles.

  26. chatrapathi says:

    if we on 70 hp mtor how much units its take

  27. dhaval vaghela says:

    hello sir, i have one ice cream machine, it consume 1.1 kw per hour, so what is a calculation of per day,and how much unit i used in 1 hour and what is a amount of it,
    please give me a suitable reply,

  28. Sir i’ve got a laptop that I use 1hr daily for charging what’s the total unit sir

  29. akash dahiya says:

    It is very useful for everyone it helped me a lot

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Thank you.

  30. annadurai s says:

    unit calculation

  31. How to calculate electricity cost for private educational institutions in Tamilnadu. As i refered in tangedco website, the following tariff details were given,
    for private educational institutions, Demand charge in Rs/KVA/Month – 350 , Energy charge in Paise per kwh – 635.
    While i checked with online calculator of tamilnadu electricity board,
    it is asking for contracted load, consumed units and kvah. contracted load is the load specified in the agreement between consumer and licensee. Why are they using kvah for calculating energy cost? By using kVAh and Kwh and contracted load, how they will calculate energy cost?

    Can u give me an example for calculating?

    If you could give me your ideas for this, it will be helpful for me.

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Dear, There are lots of way to charge the consumer for used electrical power. i.e. Two part tariff, Max demand Tariff , Three Part tariff, Power factor tariff and block rate tariff etc. But they charge for the exact kWh… So please tell me the total number of consumed unites and the price per unit. Thanks

      1. Dear sir, This is were I am confused. I downloaded the tariff details of Tamil Nadu from internet. For domestic consumers, it is given like, for first 100 units a particular rate and for next 100 units a particular rate and so on. But for other tariffs like private educational institutions, it is given as,

        Demand charge in Rs/KVA/Month – 350 , Energy charge in Paise per kwh – 635. (Rs.6.35 Per unit)

        And when i checked the online calculator of tangedco website, for the calculation of domestic consumers, it asks only the number of consumed units. If we enter the consumed units, it wil automatically calculate and give the output of the electricity bill.

        But for Private educational institutions, it asks for consumed units, Kvah and contracted load. So as per you asked, lets take the example of 10,000 units consumed and Per unit cost as mentioned above as Rs. 6.35.

        Please let me know why they given the information of demand charge , and contracted load. How to use that for calculating energy cost?

  32. MANOJ KUMAR NIM says:

    please calculate total bill in INR of 100unit, 200unit &500unit

  33. Dear sir,i used 100 kWh for 1 month and per unit i pay RS how much will the bill comes at the end of month?

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Simply, 100 x 4 = 400Rs … (Without Taxes and other charges)

      1. How to calculate the per unit cost.for example if 85,747 Kwh

  34. if one thousand watt motor is ON for one hour, it will cnsume one unit.
    If 2kw motor is ON for one hour, it will cosume two units .
    2kw for 2 hr will cosum 4 unit.
    Units = power * time

  35. sulochana halse says:

    sir, i want to calculate units for street lights.. inwhich so many lamps are used.. like mercury , metal halide , cfl lamps and led also.. so how can i calculate units for such variable wattage

  36. i want to calculate my electricity consumption for my washer ,
    washer is three phase induction motor
    voltage across phases is 410 volts

  37. Syed Ismail says:

    Respected Sir,
    This site is very useful for me . Sir i want to know that how many watts usually a fan , heater,refrigerator, T.V and a computer consumes????????????
    Reply me as soon as possible.

  38. manikadan says:

    what is d charges for 50 units

  39. Sir if i switch ‘ON’ 40watt energy saver for 1hr, so than what will be the total cost for 1hr. it would be 40watt according to formula or some thing else.

  40. punyak nagar says:

    why we multiply 24hrs into kwh????

  41. According to the rate of electricity charge , minimum charge upto 20units is Rs 80 and the cost per units from 21 unit to 250 units is Rs 7.30.How much do 200 units cost?

  42. I have a cooler with 105 w mortor. How many unit in 24 hours ?

  43. Russell manzanero says:

    Make it more easier for me please??????

  44. Russell manzanero says:

    6480 what …………….. Kilo or watts????????

  45. Swapnil pujare says:

    Ct ratio 175/5 , one day unit 20, so please tell me par phase unit

  46. Engnr.deedar says:

    Power= 1500watt=1.5kw
    Time= 1 hr/day
    1kw*1hr=1unit of electricity
    If per unit charges are 13rupees, total cost will be 45*13=

    1. how to calcalte 3 phase bill
      how i divide total 3 phase bill in two port according to using of energy

  47. I need to calculate for 6 kWh and 180 kWh

  48. Hi,
    But how to know that the Electricity meter is working normal or abnormal as we are getting all made china meter.

    is their any logic instrument to instigate or investigate

  49. In the original example, why did we multiply by 24 although the consumer used one hour in a day? I think if the consumer is using one hour only in a day, we do not need to multiply by 24 to calculate monthly usage watts.

  50. I got 1.72kw so how much rupees charged

  51. A family living in central delhi has consume 250units of electricity in the month of may, find out its senctioned loads and calculate the electricity bill for same?

    Please answer this question asap..

  52. kindly explain me the calculation of kw and kva in case of lag only tariff or lead as UPF tariff.

  53. liladhar sahu says:

    Sir mujhe ye jankari chahiye ki 1unit bijali bill me kitana watt. lagta hai

  54. How could I calculate annual usage by using average monthly payment

  55. I am staying in rent but very months our owner is charging more for electric bill how its possible she’s not showing the bill also so plz tel me r mail me pre unit what is the charge and for 2 months we have used 172 units and I’ll send the meter sl no.38397456 plz check an update me as soon as possible……

  56. Kyaw Kyaw Aung says:

    11KV and 33KV . how to calculate? How much?

    1. Kyaw Kyaw Aung says:

      Yes, I’d like to know?

  57. How to Calculate an average power of an induction furnace if we kW,Fce Volts,Freq,Kwh(M1+M2) readings?

  58. VIJAY GOLE says:

    my bill is 920/- units are 139 is it correct bill, how to caluclate please reply.

  59. 34 unit ka kitna total electric bill kitna hoga

  60. A.o.A
    if the load show on three phase LT panel is 2300 Amp then how we find the units and kw?

  61. SANJAY BOOB says:

    i use 2 fan 20 hours and 3 tubeligts 14 hours , please calculate my electric units for bil

    1. P Maheswar Rao says:

      In 3phase how to calculate total unit per month please formula or how to convert kwh to unit with formula

  62. Even if you know how to calculate your electric bill with just a pen and paper, you can learn a whole lot more about your energy consumption with a technological upgrade. Companies like Neurio, Curb and Sense have designed products that can connect to your home s main electrical panel and recognize the unique electrical signatures of the appliances in your home. Each product works somewhat differently, but most allow you to view detailed breakdowns and analysis of energy usage using an app or web browser. This kind of information comes at a price, however — you should expect to pay a few hundred dollars for a system like this, and some require an electrician to install it at an additional cost.

  63. Muhammad adil says:

    If we have consumed units of 100 in 3 phase meter and load is single phase , equally distributed on each phase then how many units consumed if we applied the same load on single phase meter

  64. RAJKUMAR.J.B says:


    நம்ம தலை எழுத்து சரியில்லை

  65. RAJKUMAR. says:



  66. Hello, mine is phase-2 wire static energy meter which shows 001860 digits, therefore how much amount it will be to total?

  67. Anmgbianshio Kingsley says:

    I have a question, suppose you light up a 120 watt bulb just for some hours that you are not certain about. But certainly not for a whole day. So in that case when calculating for total energy consumed, Do you still multiply the energy unit by 24 hours?
    If yes or no pls explain.
    Thanks in advance

    1. If you want to calculate the electricity bill based on one month, You will have to multiply it as mentioned in the example.
      If you want to calculate the electric energy consumption, You may simply use the energy consumption calculator based on basic formula “E = P x t in Wh”

  68. a total annual consumptions 720kwh, a maximum load 320kw, 0.85 p.f , if cost is 20birr per kVAR, plus 0.3birr per kwh .calculate the total cost
    help me

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