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Fully Automatic Water Level Controller using SRF04

Automatic Water Level Controller using SRF04, PIC16F84A & L293D Driver

Full Automatic Water Level Controller using SRF04, L293D & PIC16F84A Introduction to the Automatic Water Level Controller Monitoring and controlling the level of water in water tanks is one of the most important work in almost many residential as well as commercial areas. In most cases, especially in residential buildings, due to unavailability of any automatic means, it becomes tiresome …

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Why Motor rated in kW instead of kVA?


Why Motor rated in kW/Horsepower instead of kVA? We already know that Transformer rating may be expressed in kVA instead of kW as well as Generator and Alternator rated in kVA. Designer doesn’t know the actual consumer power factor while manufacturing transformers and generators i.e. the P.F (Power factor) of Transformer and Generator/Alternator depends on the nature of connected load …

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