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What is The Difference between a VOLTAMETER and a VOLTMETER?

A VOLTA-METER is a device used to carry out electrolytes and a VOLTMETER is a high resistance device used for measuring potential difference or voltage between two points in an electrical Circuits.

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  1. Hello Wasim Sir, this is Sudipto again. Hope you r doing great. Remember me? Last year when I was figuring out how to install Inverter with the existing Wiring? You helped me a lot and because of your all fruitful help, my doubts got cleared and I successfully installed the Inverter and because of you its working flawlessly.

    Now, I am knocking your door once again because I need a help with Voltmeter and thats why I searched your website and found this Thread. I know the difference between Voltameter and Voltmeter. But my query is related to Voltmeter. Maybe my reply is kind of OFF-TOPIC but still I am posting the Query here as it is Voltmeter related.

    My query is related to the Voltmeter installed in my Home Manual Voltage Stabilizer. My home voltage stabilizer has a voltmeter but it shows the Voltage if I push a push button which is given to check the voltage on Voltmeter. Recently, I was thinking that, why to push the push switch to check the voltage? It would be great if the Voltmeter shows the output voltage all the time. Then I opened the top lid of the stabilizer (of course after disconnecting the mains) and then I disconnected the wires connecting the push button and I joined them together. Then I turn on the main line and got the desired result as the Voltmeter Pointer was at 220V and it was at the fixed position. I became happy but then I smelled a burn type smell after 4 or 5 minutes and quickly I turned off the main supply and checked that there is a Wire Wound Resistance over the Voltmeter and that Wire Wound Resistance is getting heated extremely.

    Then I again disconnected the joined wires and connect them back to the Push Switch and thankfully, the voltmeter wire wound resistance was not burnt. I pushed the push button and it showed the voltage.

    Now, here my query comes. My queries are as follows:

    1. Why there is a Wire Wound Resistance over the Voltmeter? I couldn’t figure that out. :(

    2. Why the Wire Wound Resistance is getting heated extremely like it can get burnt if I join the two wires of the push switch?

    3. Can’t I connect an AC Voltmeter directly to the Out Put Phase and Neutral so that it can show the Voltage Reading all the time? Is there any limitation??

    Please Wasim Sir, Help me out of this situation. You know, I love to do this kind of things (of course with the safety precautions). Then I wanted to make the voltmeter to show the output voltage all the time so that I don’t need to push the Push Button to get the Voltage. But this is not working. I tried to figure it out but in the end I am just failed. :'(

    Now, you r the last option to me. Please Sir, read my long Comment and try to understand my situation. And please give me a solution so that I can get my desired result. I want to make the Voltmeter to show the output voltage all the time.

    Waiting for your quick reply as I am like can’t sleep until the issue gets resolved. :(

    Thanks in advanced.

  2. I was asked this question in my viva examinations and I was unable to answer it perfectly. But now I have a clear idea about both the instruments. The pictures in the article give us a nice idea.

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