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Emergency LED Light Circuit – DP-716 Rechargeable 30 LED’s Lights Schematic

Emergency LED Lights. Powerful & Cheep Circuit LED-716 Emergency Light Schematic Diagram

LED-716 is one of the most powerful and very cheep circuit. You can try to make one at home. 

Recommended for beginners:

Click image to enlarge.

Emergency LED Light Schematic - DP-716 Emergency 30 LED's Light Circuit Diagram

DATA for Emergency LED Lights:

  • D1 to D5 = IN4007
  • Q1 = C945 NPN
  • Q2 = D965 NPN
  • C1 = CL-155J, 250 V.
  • C2 = 100μF, 16 V.
  • C3 = 1μF, 50 V.
  • R1 = 1Ω
  • R2 = 3Ω
  • R4 = 5.1Ω
  • R3 and R5 = 1kΩ
  • R6 = 390kΩ.
  • Battery = 1300-1600mAh.
  • LED = 30 Num, color = White.

INPUT to Emergency LED Lights:

Battery Charging

  • 90-240 V, AC.
  • 50-60 Hz
  • Cable = 3A,250V.

OUTPUT of the Emergency LED Lights:

  • Current = 0.1 A.
  • Power = 1 Watt.

3-Option switch or Pattern change

  • Option  1 = Full Light
  • Option 2 = OFF
  • Option 3 = Normal Light

Backup Time of the Emergency Light lamp.

Battery backup time of the emergency LED light Circuit

  • Option 1 ( Full light) = 4-6 Hrs.
  • Option 2 ( Normal Light) 10 Hrs.

    Here is the full story that how did i make this post and share with you guys.

Actually, someone bring me a DP-716 Emergency LED Light lamp. So I took the lamp (for checking/repairing).

Here you can see the whole story in images.

Here, we have opened it for repairing. ( You can also try on such your home appliances, but keep in mind that safety is more important….)


 (click images to enlarge)



Emergency-LED-Light.-Powerful-amp-Cheep-Circuit-LED-716-Emergency-Light-Schematic Circuit Diagram Emergency-LED-Light.-Powerful-amp-Cheep-Circuit-LED-716-Emergency-Light-Schematic Circuit Diagram Emergency-LED-Light.-Powerful-amp-Cheep-Circuit-LED-716-Emergency-Light-Schematic Circuit Diagram

Inside Emergency LED Lights.  LED-716 Emergency Light.

Emergency-LED-Light.-Powerful-amp-Cheep-Circuit-LED-716-Emergency-Light-Schematic Circuit Diagram

Now it is clear that what is the real problem in pic ( two resistor were blown out) so now we want to fix it.

Recommended: How to Find the value of burnt resistor . By three methods

Emergency-LED-Light.-Powerful-amp-Cheep-Circuit-LED-716-Emergency-Light-Schematic Circuit Diagram

another view. check the circuit that what is the problem here.

Emergency-LED-Light.-Powerful-amp-Cheep-Circuit-LED-716-Emergency-Light-Schematic Circuit Diagram

Here you can see that what i did in this circuit. because the resistor on the back side ( which i have soldered) was blown out. so the root of problem was that specific resistor.

Emergency-LED-Light.-Powerful-amp-Cheep-Circuit-LED-716-Emergency-Light-Schematic Circuit Diagram

We have done the job. Now the pattern change switch is on Option 1 i.e. on Full light. the back up time will be 4-6 hours.

Emergency-LED-Light.-Powerful-amp-Cheep-Circuit-LED-716-Emergency-Light-Schematic Circuit Diagram

And in this case, the pattern change switch is on Option 3 i.e on Full light. the back up time will be 8-10 hours. also note that , option 2 is for turning off the Bulb light.

Emergency-LED-Light.-Powerful-amp-Cheep-Circuit-LED-716-Emergency-Light-Schematic Circuit Diagram

  • By : Electrical Technology
  • Updated by: Respected Jean DAVID

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  1. Nice Post about LED emergency light.I get lot of information by this article.Thanks for sharing.<br />

  2. Great job, i got the double sized one (60 LEDs), and also got this problem, the circuit is a little bit different: has two D965 instead of one (guess to get half the load for each), 4 battery cells. but the failure was just like yours with extra blown capacitor C2 100 microF. really i didn&#39;t repair it till now as i don&#39;t know the cause for this failure. if you need pics for my circuit;

      1. Sir in diagram, you mention that R2 is 3 ohm but you install 1k ohm on R2. And you mention that R3 and R5 are same 1k ohm but on board R5 is not 1k ohm, kindly clear these issues for me please.

    1. Hi sir ,
      I have 42 led emergency light but not working. I opened circuit found 1.5 kohm Resistor burnt .i replaced resistor with new one but again burnt in such case s what should I do ,
      if I use of, LED-716 Emergency Light circuit for 42 led then what will happened

  3. it is very useful..to study about the circuit..<br /><br />in my emergency light the capacitor was leaked so i changed it.. but now the battery was not charging..while measuring the input voltage to the battery..while the circuit is on it shows around 40V..but the battery is not charging.. could u give any idea…<br />

  4. Sit I want to Know about the Potential difference or battery Voltage And what you Specifies is the current. please reply the voltage.

  5. hi i am kiran <br />nice to see this great post<br />i have a 12v adaptor.i am still beginner of this so i dont want to go for ac.instead of using ac on inputs i want to supply 12v 800ma.can u please modify this circuit and post to my id-kiranrpatil01@gmail.com.<br />thanks in advance<br />please reply as soon as possible<br />

    1. Dear..As you see,,,input is AC….but we convert it into DC because this electronics circuit is working on DC [as usually happen]

  6. hi <br />i have problam with your drawing…<br /><br />i think the D1 (-) side connect with C3 (+) as your printed board photo. the diagram it is connected with D2(+) <br />please correct me with checking your diagram and photo.<br />my mail jcarolis15@yahoo.com<br />thanks

    1. Thanks for your reply. Wow now my light working, how long we need to charge the battery? its possible to add any circuit to indicate battery is full?

    2. Can you explain instead of &quot; CL 155j 250V&quot; i used JD 155K 250V, how the circuit work, due to this cause any problem in later? like battery damage or circuit damage like that.

  7. wow nice article thank u sir <br />sir kindly can u post DP led 721 (90 LED) light circuit or can u post picture of said circuit or value of resistor??<br />thnx n i appreciate your work

  8. AOA. sir. plz tell me.
    Electric stabilizer make 10,000 volt. for 220 volt.
    our area is very low voltage. and fan,Iron, water motor is not proper working.
    plz tell .we make a stabilizer .with diagram. full procedure.
    i make this type. 150volt .180 volts. 200volts. 220 volts.230volts. point received current…
    plz reply and tell me and advise.
    thanks of your.

    1. batteries are fully charged upto 2 or 3 hours if the battry are new.
      charging controller is on side through power cable which we was used in old tape recorders.

  9. i have 4 led lights my brother send them from dubai, they can also operated from remote control 2 lights have 8 small batteries each.
    and 2 lights have 12 small batteries each, batteries have some difficult combination of wiring (both of series, parallel).
    now the light is burnt and i dont know what are the values of electronic parts.
    lights are same that you provide in this article, but they are very long.
    i think 150 to 200 leds in one light.
    Plz help me what is the circuit and what are the values of electronic parts

  10. Dear sir,

    I have 42 led emergency light but not working. I opened circuit found 1.5 kohm Resistor burnt .i replaced resistor with new one but again burnt also i changed 945 and nsi transistor changed but same problem. So please please help me . Or give me components list or circuit diagram.

  11. Hi, I have a LED Light that uses a LED-713 board (different layout than yours but probably just resigned).
    Could you let us know the values of the 2 burnt resistors and their wattage.


    1. Same problem with me, mine LED light uses LED-713 board and resistor burnt, couldn’t find its value.

      Would you please help regarding this?

  12. I have eight battery charging light, its capacitor has blown up, i replaced it but no benifit, it blows again, kindly suggest how to check main fault

  13. can you please give me the circuit diagram of same model 60 led emergency lamp and its components values because i have 2 quantity of the model dp 720 emergency lamp but two resistors and one capacitor where burned

  14. I have the Rechargable Emergency lighting LED715 from DP and all small resistors R2, R3, R4 are burned so i can’t read the value anymore, and C3 100uF 50V exploded. Can you tell me which valeus the resistors should be and why they are burned and the capacitor exploded. And can you tell me how to prevent it from happening again.

    1. There may be lots of reasons…
      BTW, you can change the exact value of resistor with above mentioned ones in the circuit (all data is given in the above circuit)…
      In addition, You can follow these steps to find the value of burnt resistors.

      1. I have the same problem of Jöran. Please note that 715 model has 63 led and 4 batteries ( p.s. battery voltage is 4 V ). I was not able to find the value of burnt resistors using the methods you linked, and i think they are different from the ones of the 716 model. However in this kind of circuits the resistors are destined to burn again in the future and i alredy had to re-solder wires to batteries twice, so it’s not worth to repair this cheap stuff. Otherwise i’m looking for a simple, and more affordable, circuit for using a 6V lead acid battery instead on this emergency lamp led board.

  15. Can I use 02 x Li-Ion ICR18650-28A for exan battery?? If i want to use Li-Ion ICR18650-28A battery backup, what should i do?? Pls reply.

  16. normal work is in emergency mode led will work
    but I want to change even we have electricity LED should be work in case I change wiring in circuit

  17. I have a problem with DP. Led rechargeable emergency light DP-720. Two resistors burnt and one capacitor exploded so can’t charge it. Will you please send me the shematic diagram of DP-720 or tell the value of R2 , R4 for me to replace them. Thank you . Bhipattpon.

  18. I have a similar circuit, it’s called led-636 instead of led-721. In my case the 100uF and the 1Kohm resistor was burnt. I replaced them, but after no long time capacitor’s burnt again. So, I have two questions, do you have the led-636 schematic? And what about the reason of this problem? Everyone had problem of capicitors and resistors burned?

  19. DP LED 7019 give me a solution for resistor burnt please email me send a circuit board design or diagram for repair im confused please help me.

  20. glad to get this circuit diagram and comman faults burning two resistors always in each emergency light

  21. hi
    What is main problem occur in LED-716,
    Please say,my LED-716 STILL NOT WORKING,How to check it.

  22. Sir, I have DP 720 led torch but its 1492 ohm resistor gets burnt. I have replaced it but it again gets burnt. Please give some idea about the actual problem.

  23. Hiya,

    I have DP LED-731 and resistor connecting with main AC line capacitor number CBB21 305J 400v has been burnt , Unable to find the resistor value , If anyone knows the resistor value plz inform.Thanks in advanced.

    Electrical Nerd :-)

  24. I also have the same model (DP LED LIGHT MODEL: LED 716), i want to protect the chargeable batteries from overcharging. How can i do that.

  25. Sir,
    I have two question about this circuit:
    1) Does this circuit has a protection for overcharging the battery?
    2) How many LEDs can i put in this circuits(Maximum)?
    3) If I increase LEDs to 60, what changes are necessary?
    Thanks for your soon reply

  26. I have the model 715 has 63 leds and 4 batteries (the battery voltage ps is 4 V). I am not able to find the value of the burned resistors, I think they are different from those of the model 716. However, in this type of circuit, the resistors are intended to burn again in the future.
    Can you give me the values of this one and evetely the values of the set of components in case.
    It’s for a breakdown !!

  27. Although already corrected by Jean DAVID, but still I need to mention that when switch is at position 1, greater resistance is connected to load, means less current, it means normal light with more back up time, but you mention it full light with lesser back up time…

    you should also correct the circuit diagram on all forums where you have shared it… be professional please
    kindly correct me if I am getting something wrong…

  28. Dear Sir,

    Kindly let us know where do we get the pcb board and components of LED 719’s Model Emergency Light. Please send a email or contact me on 9505303636



  29. Dear friends, I have opened many 712,713 & 716 DP lights. in all the units only these two resistors are failing, ie 1k & 1.5K, in addition the failure are capacitors blowing. Now if you analyse in all the discussions everyone are having failures of these two resistors only. i feel there is some design failure of these circuits basically.
    i doubt whether a bad battery cause this kind of failure. in all cases i found the battery voltage was zero. May be you have to change the battery to avoid repeated failure of same resistors.
    can i have your opinions on this.
    Er.Dr.N.Thayumanavan, 7598531664, n.thaayu@gmail.com

  30. Hi, nice job, i have a problem in this circuit, I can’t figure out which parts of the circuit are connected and which are not there, it hasn’t any spot in connected place, thank you if help me

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