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Generator From Motor. Very Simple.

Generator From Motor. Very Basic Model.

Here we used two 12 Volts toy/ Old Tap-recorder Motors(From trash). One as a Motor ( Turbine) and other one as a Generator/alternator. A white LED is connected as a Load to the Generator Output.

Note That this is seems to be a Motor-Generator Set, but No.. Because Motor-Generator Set ( AC Motor and DC Generator) used as a Convertor (AC to DC and vice versa), and here we used it for glowing an LED ( For showing that how can we use a DC motor as a DC Generator).

Here, we are going to step by step procedure.


  • 2 Toy or Old Tap recorders Motor (one as a motor and other as a generator)
  • 1 LED
  • One big rubber band as a belt
  • 2 pulleys (one small and other is large one)
  • Flexi wire
  • 4 screws
  • Wooden piece
  • Metal strip


  • Install both motors (one as a motor and other one as a generator) on wooden piece tightly by metal strip and tight the screws.
  • Connect both motors (one as a motor and other one as a generator) by rubber band or belt which is fixed in the pulley.
  • Connect an LED to the generator output (Red and black)
  • Connect the motor with 12VDC, and run it as a turbine. It will rotate the armature of generator by belt and current will produce in the generator that will glow the LED.


Generator-From-Motor 1 Generator-From-Motor 2 Generator-From-Motor 3 Generator-From-Motor 4 Generator-From-Motor 5 Generator-From-Motor 6



  1. Electrical Technology says:

    Obviously! DC..Because we used 12V DC Motor as a Generator..So Out put will be DC.

  2. Javed Akhter says:

    But what's the use of it? To get DC ( from Motor used as DG) we need to feed DC to Motor


    Could you please send me a contact for the manufacture and supply of alternators and electric motors.

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