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Make a Simple Generator to Understand the working Principle of Generator/Alternator. (Spool Generator)

 Spool Generator.

  • Insulated copper wire around 26 SWG 400 turns (you may also use 35 SWG)
  • Neodymium strong magnets
  • Plumbing tape spool
  • 2 Safety pins or paper clip (same size)
  • Straw pieces
  • LED
  • Rubber piece
  • Straw pieces


  • Turn 400 turns of 26 gage insulated copper wire around the empty spool of plumbing tape. (You may also use 800 turns of 35 SWG instead of 400 turns of 26 SWG)
  • Remove or scrape the insulation of the copper wire from both ends.
  • Connect an LED to the coil ends.
  • Tape two paper clips diametrically opposite on spool cover.
  • Poke steel stick through white rubber piece and glue strong magnets
  • Slip two loose straw pieces as bearings
  • Fix cover on spool
  • Spool generator ready
  • Spin to make LED glow. 

 PICs Story.
                                      (Click image to enlarge or view image in new Tab)

By: Wasim Khan 

Step by Step Procedure video…Coming Soon..

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