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Diversity Factor in Electrical Wiring Installation

 Diversity Factor in Electrical Wiring Installation

In a building, the whole load of Electrical Wiring installation doesn’t use at the same time. In other words, we do not use all the loads at once at home i.e., we do not Switch ON all the fans, light points, Air conditioner, TV, fridge, Water gazer, heater, Electric iron etc at once. Therefore, keep in mind this (diversity factor) factor while selecting the proper and most suitable size of cable for electrical wiring installation.
 Diversity factor may e defined as:
Diversity Factor = Total Connected Load / Actual Maximum Load
Good to know:
  • Diversity factor may neglect in case of final sub circuits.
  • Instead of Homes and buildings, Diversity factor in electrical wiring installation may neglect in offices or those places where all connected loads operate at once.
In a flat, the max demand of load current is follow (about 85 Amp)
                                                        Click image to enlarge
But with the help of using diversity factor, we found total load current about 52 A.
So in this case, use 52 A (+ 20% for future load = 62.4A) instead of 90A for calculation and selection of proper size of cable for wiring.

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