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Inductance of Straight Wire & Electrode Calculator

Inductance of Straight Wire & Electrode Calculator

Calculate the Inductance of a Straight Wire or Electrode.

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Enter the required values of length of wire and diameter of wire in inches and click on calculate. Result will display the value of Inductance in µH.

Enter your values:
Length of Wire (l ): Inches
Diameter of Wire (a) : Inches
Inductance: µH

Formula and Equations for Inductance Calculator

L = K x a x [ { ln (2l / a) } – 0.75]


  • L = Inductance in µH
  • K = 0.00508 (dims in inchs) = 0.0002 (dims in mm)
  • = wire radius (inches or mm)
  • l = wire length (inches or mm)
  • ln = Natural Logarithm = 2.303 * Common Log [base 10]


L= 0.00508 x b x (log (2 x b/ (w+h)) +.5+0.2235 x (w+h)/b)


L= 0.00508 x bx (log (2 x b/a)-0.75)


  • L = Inductance in µH
  • b= wire length
  • a = wire diameter

This calculation is based on assuming the electrode or straight wire in Free Space.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your calculation does not take into account the resistivity of the wire material, aluminium, copper, silver, etc. which will also have an effect on the inductance value.

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