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Sequential Logic Circuits

Digital Latches – Types of Latches – SR & D Latches

Gated S-R Latch with NOR Gate

Types of Digital Latches, Construction & Applications What is Digital Latch? A sequential logic circuit or electronic device used for storing binary information is known as Latches. Latches are bi-stable multi-vibrator; it means that latches have 2 stable states, LOW and HIGH. It stores the information provided to it in binary form and does not need a constant input. The …

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Digital Asynchronous Counter (Ripple Counter) – Types, Working & Application

Schematic of ripple Up-counter using T-flip flop

Digital Asynchronous Counter (Ripple Counter) What is Counter ? A digital binary counter is a device used for counting binary numbers. Digital counters mainly use flip-flops and some combinational circuits for special features. What is Asynchronous Counter or Ripple Counter? The counter in which external clock is only given to the first Flip-flop & the succeeding Flip-flops are clocked by …

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Digital Flip-Flops – SR, D, JK and T Flip Flops

Symbol and Circuit of Basic SR Flip-Flop

Digital Flip-Flops – Types & Operation of Flip-Flops What is Flip-Flop? Digital flip-flops are memory devices used for storing binary data in sequential logic circuits. Latches are level sensitive and Flip-flops are edge sensitive. It means that the latch’s output change with a change in input levels and the flip-flop’s output only change when there is an edge of controlling …

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