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Capacitive Reactance Calculator

Capacitive Reactance (XC) from Capacitance Calculator

Enter the values of Frequency & Capacitance (C) and click on Calculate. Result will display the values of Capacitive Reactance (XC) in Ohms (Ω).

Capacitive Reactance (Xc) from Reactance
Enter values:

Frequency ( f ): Hz
Capacitance (C): µf
Capacitive Reactance (Xc): Ohms (Ω)

Capacitive Reactance Calculator Formulas & Equations

In AC Circuits (Capacitive or inductive Load) Resistance = Impedance i.e., Z = R

Z = √(R2 + XL2)… In case of Inductive Load

Z = √(R2 + XC2)…In case of Capacitive Load

Z = √(R2 + (XL– XC)2…In case of both inductive and capacitive Loads.



  • XC = Capacitive reactance
  • XC = 1/2πfC … Where C = Capacitance in Farads


Reactance =  Inductive reactance – Capacitive reactance 


X = XL– XC

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