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Inductance of Air Core Inductor Calculator

Air Core Inductor Inductance Calculator

Inductance of Air Core coil Inductor Calculator
Formula & Equations for inductance of air core inductor Calculator
Inductance of an Air core coil inductor
L = (N2 x d2) / (18d + 40l) …
N = Number of turns,
d = Inductor Coil Diameter,
l = Inductor Coil Length
The inductance of an air core coil inductor can be also calculated using the below equation.
L = (0.2 x d2x N2) / (3d + 9l =10b)
L = Inductance (in μH)
d = Diameter of the inductor coil (Inches)
l = Length of the indutor coil (inches)
b = Diameter of the coil winding wire (inches)
N = Total turns of wire

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Coil Length (l):          inches

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Inductance (L):       μH

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