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General Capacitor Nameplate Rating (Electrolytic Capacitor)

General Capacitor Nameplate Rating (Electrolytic Capacitor)

Following are the General requirements  for an Electrolytic Capacitor Nameplates.

  • Manufacture’s Name
  • Capacitor Series
  • Maximum temperature
  • Maximum Voltage
  • Polarity
  • Capacitor’s Value
  • (Capacitance in Farads,  µF, pF, or nF)

Here is the typical nameplate rating on the electrolytic Capacitor (External Container Box) as shown in below image.

  • Manufacture’s Name :       Rubycon
  • Capacitor Series:              CE
  • Maximum temperature      105 Degree C
  • Maximum Voltage             400V
  • Polarity                              You can see Negative sign (lift side)
  • Capacitor’s Value              150 µF
  • (Capacitance in Farads,    µF, pF, or nF)

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Click image to enlargeGeneral Capacitor Nameplate Rating (Electrolytic Capacitor)

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  2. shoaibaslam says:

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    1. shoaibaslam says:

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