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Why Can’t We Store AC in Batteries instead of DC?

Why AC Can’t be Stored in Batteries like DC?

We cannot store AC in batteries because AC changes their polarity up to 50 (When frequency = 50 Hz) or 60 (When frequency = 60 Hz) times in a second. Therefore the battery terminals keep changing i.e. Positive (+ve) becomes Negative (-Ve) and vice versa, but the battery cannot change their terminals with the same speed so that’s why we can’t store AC in Batteries.

In addition, when we connect a battery with AC Supply, then it will charge during positive half cycle and discharge during negative half cycle, because the Positive (+ve) half cycle canceles the Negative (-Ve) half cycle, so the average voltage or current in a complete cycle is Zero. So there is no chance to store AC in the Batteries.

Good to know:  Average Voltage x Average Current ≠ Average Power.Why We Cant Store AC in Batteries instead of DC

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  1. Now i know why there is no ac batteries, thanks

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Welcome Dear,,

    2. Anonymous says:

      Yes me too… thanks

  2. Abhijit Kumar Yadav says:

    If I convert the 110v AC into DC so how much voltage comes in DC 110v or less or more in DC against AC?

    1. AngelLaHash says:

      AC to DC is done in RMS if i recall.. 0.707 so 220v AC is 155.54v DC
      so to flip it around i guess its 1/0.707=1.414 so 115.54v DC x 1.414=220v AC

      110v DC would be 110v x 1.414 = 155.54v AC

  3. Mustafa Remawi says:

    Well to keep the resistance value fixed yes when you increase the voltage the current also increase but to keep the power value fixed for sure the relation will be opposite

  4. Mustafa Remawi says:

    R=V/I and also P=VI very clear to keep the the R value fixed , if the V value is increasing the I value must also increase but to keep the P value fixed , if the V value increase the I value must decrease

  5. Anonymous says:

    i can see i am learning.Thanks Mr Khan or whoever it is

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Thanks for appreciation

  6. parmvir singh says:

    can you please refer me to a battery charging circuit.i want to charge a 6v 5.5 Ah battery from a solar panel. or couple of panels in parallel.

  7. We can store ac in capacitor

  8. We can store ac in capacitor

  9. Anonymous says:

    why transformer not follow ohms law V=IR<br />

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Because the overall Power is almost constant in that case. That’s why we use P = V x I instead of V = I x R.

    2. Transformer coils are made up of with very low resistive conductors. So resistance is not a much considerable part in transformers. That may be the answer but I&#39;m not sure please let me know if wrong.

    3. Ohm’s law do agree with the linear and purely resistive loads only however, transformer coils are inductive in nature which is non linear hence it doesn’t follow ohm’s law.

  10. P.V.Sivanath says:

    What happen if a DC supply mix (short) with AC supply??

  11. Anonymous says:

    A wonderfull forum . lov u admin <br />

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Same to U :)

      1. nagaraj s says:

        what use perpouse generato……………..?

  12. Prasad HD says:

    I won’t one idea i will became a business’s man so please update on idea i done just iti only then i have 3 years’ experience in maitance filed plz help me us

  13. Anonymous says:

    in India why do we use only 50Hz frequency and not 60Hz

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well, electricity was brought by British in india, and they were working on 50 hz even today itself 50 hz is being used in england. And in India all electrical equipment are designed on 50hz. That is why we are using 50hz unlike USA.

  14. Cool but this gave me an idea, since the technology we have today can make micro sd cards,<br />that can store atleast FOUR gb, why cant we just cram in lots of powered/charged capacitors with a little chip inside that only lets certain amounts of electricity through? this may work because capacitors CAN store AC and DC or may not work or might for what? 1 minute or less of power? just an idea :)

  15. Is there any chance in the future with the right technology to create a ac powered battery..i mean a battery that supplies ac? I am an electrical engineering students and I was thinking about it lately. Just asking for the possibilities if there is im going to pursue my idea.

  16. New Sciences says:

    I was able to store AC in a new battery that I created. I’m in the process of developing it more… currently I was only able to store .156 Volts AC per cell.

  17. Loganathan N says:

    Well explanation thanks.

  18. How i can make pure sine wave inverter?

  19. anjalisharma says:

    we use water in battery why?

  20. maheshgoud says:

    Very good information thanks

  21. Deepla Naik says:

    I want the CABLE calculation and voltage drop caculataion. with referance the cable length

  22. Engr Prabhat says:

    Very good information sir.

  23. PRASHANTH says:

    kkk good to know all

  24. playmaker says:

    you have sample electrical floor plan having complte .. from start to the end ..discusion? example of commercial building.

  25. Very very useful questions&simple answers enable to understand any common man&reader.We appreciate such simple questions&immeadiate answers in Electrical technology &its daily uses in our life!!

  26. Thiruvasagam M says:

    Why we not using superconductors instead of semiconductors in solar panels?

  27. They produce AC batteries for solar grid systems.

  28. sagar bhosale says:

    Why do you prefer Dc power supply to batteries –

  29. Dan Stark says:

    ac come from a rotating wire in a magnetic field and dc comes from a chemical reaction.

  30. Really appreciate.Thank you.It is very logical.

  31. The reasons you said aren’t coherent. Actually the question is wrong (it doesn’t make sense); the question should be “Why do batteries generate [not store] AC?” And the answer for that is because of the nature of the battery; it’s somewhat similar to a capacitor (consider that as an analogy). An alternator doesn’t “store” AC”, it generates AC, why? Because of the nature: an alternator is a rotating magnetic field with induces sinusoidal EMF and thus sinusoidal current.

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