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How to Install PoE IP CCTV Cameras with NVR Security System

PoE IP CCTV Camera Installation Wiring with NVR – Step by Step

In the latest technology era, AI security and surveillance is taking the major role in protection systems of sensitive areas with appropriate information than human being. The security systems also improved by designers e.g. DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system  was the best system for local home user with less amount of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) due to its price range as compared to NVR (Network Video Recorder) system because, they need extra switches and low maintenance. Nowadays, NVR comes up with built-in switch hub and power supply and replacing the DVR system. As the NVR is network base system, it can be wired or wireless system with high range and can be used with multiple channels. There are some other differences between DVR and NVR but we will will not go in details as we have already described them before and will focus on the NVR Security camera installation wiring.

Things You Need

  • NVR
  • PoE IP CCTV Camera (Bullet, Dome or PTZ Cameras)
  • Monitor / LCD (PC, Laptop etc)
  • Power Supply, adopter, power splitter and other related cables and connectors such as VGA cables, RJ45 etc.


  • PTZ Camera
  • USB / Mouse
  • Speaker / Microphone
  • Router (To view and control the camera by smartphones through Wi-Fi)

Before we go in details, lets know that what is the NVR and how it works?

What is NVR?

NVR stands for “Network Video Recorder”. As the name suggests, it based on networking as the input signals are from a network as compared to DVR where the input signals based on direct wire connection. in NVR system, the video data encode and process at camera in digital format and send it to the NVR recorder to store it in a hard drive inside the NVR which can be view later by monitor or remotely if it is connected to Ethernet router. 

Keep in mind that only IP camera (Internet Protocol) can be used with NVR system as compared to DVR where analog camera are used. Moreover, NVR is a wire or wireless system where DVR doesn’t support wireless system. Also, both PoE (Power over Internet) and Non-PoE cameras can be connected to the NVR system based on its design. In some NVRs, there is no built-in PoE system and you will have to buy an additional PoE and switch.

Front and Back - Rear Side of NVR for IP Camera

IP Camera Installation Wiring Diagram with NVR System

Please follow the steps below according to the fig for PoE IP surveillance camera installation.

  • Before proper installation, check all the IP cameras locally to make sure they are working properly.
  • As external power doesn’t needed in PoE IP Cameras, therefore connect only the cameras through PoE via Cat5 / Cat 6 cables. You can use passive PoE splitter and PoE Injector and the wire length can be 130 feet (40 meter). In other cases, up to 35 Watts power can be transmitted over internet and the Ethernet cable length can be 328 feet (100 Meters). This way, the camera is able to transmit the video signal and receive the input power in the same cable.
  • Now connect the other end of PoE injector (Cat 5/ Cat 5 or RJ45) to the back side of NVR slots labeled as PoE input ports as shown in fig. If cameras are audio enabled, the white RCA cable should be connected to the Input slot in NVR for audio data transmission.
  • In our case, the power supply is built-in in the NVR system. So you can directly connect the NVR by three pin plug using 120V AC or 230V AC depends on your region. For smooth and reliable operation, it is recommended to connect the camera and NVR to the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply System).
  • To check if the system works properly, connect the PC / LCD / Monitor by VGA cables. For HD, Use the HDMI cable to connect the Monitor / Laptop with NVR as shown in fig.
  • You have done. Power ON the NVR and check if the live camera recording is showing on monitor as expected. You can configure the camera setting and IP by the user manual provided by the the manufacturer.

The following fig shows a typical PoE IP CCTV cameras security system with NVR.

Click image to enlargePoE IP CCTV Camera Installation Wiring Diagram with NVR

Optional Wiring Connection of DVR Security & CCTV Camera

Follow the step below for option wiring of NVR and IP CCTV Cameras.

  • If you need to connect an external pickup / microphone or speaker to the audio camera, connect the RCA connector to the Audio Input as shown in fig.
  • For audio output, connect the RCA connector of Speaker to the audio output slot in the NVR.
  • If you want to install an alarm or Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) camera to monitor the different angles views, then connect the RS485 cable to the RS232/RS485 Slot of NVR. Additionally, connect audio, video and power cables to the camera as well as NVR slots as shown in wiring diagram.
  • USB and mouse can be connected to the USB port on NVR.
  • To manage and view the camera recording remotely on smartphones far away from the camera location, You will have to connect the Ethernet router through RJ45 cables which helps to connect to the NVR system via Wi-Fi. Simply connect the cables to the router and NVR in RJ45 slots.

It should be noted that in very simple and basic IP camera installation with NVR, monitor and internet connection are not required. In the initial stage, you can use the monitor to check the live recording of camera if they are working properly. If so, you can disconnect the monitor while the camera recording is saved in the Hard drive in the DVR which can be check later when needed. If you want to manage the camera live recording remotely, you will have to connect a router to the NVR with active internet connection.

Note: Please refer to the manufacturer user manual of IP Cameras and NVR before wiring and installation as the designs may be differ than other used in the above diagram. For more assistance, contact the NVR and camera manufacturer or call a licensed electrician for proper installation.

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  1. I have several CCTV cameras NETVUE and i have interest to buy a NVR system to control the cameras. The question is if this is possible. At present the cameras are connected by cable RJ45 to a switch system and now i wonder if is possible to connect the NVR to watch the camera with a compatible app

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