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Are The Batteries Connected in Series or Parallel?

Batteries Configuration. Series or Parallel?

Basic Electrical Engineering Interview Question and Answers Series:

Batteries configuration. Are these two batteries connected in series or parallel? and how to connect load to this type of batteries connection.

Are The Batteries Connected in Series or Parallel

Short Answer: The batteries are connected  in parallel.

Explanatory Answer:

If the positive (+) terminal of one battery is connected to the positive terminal of second battery and negative (-) terminal to the negative terminal, it is known as parallel connection of batteries. As shown in the above fig, the (-ve) terminal is connected to the (-ve) and (+ve) terminal to the (+ve). Hence these two batteries has been connected in parallel. The parallel connection of batteries and load connection to this kind of wiring is also shown in the following fig.

These Batteries are Connected in 1. Series 2. Parallel


Keep in mind that the voltage at each point is same while current is additive in a parallel connection i.e.

I1 + I2 + I3 … + In

If the negative terminal of battery is connected to the positive terminal and so on, It is known as series connection of batteries. In series connection, voltage are additive while current is same at each junction and section i.e.

V+ V+ V3 … Vn

In case of a complex circuit i.e. both series and parallel connection in single circuit, it is known as series-parallel connection of batteries.

The following fig shows different types of batteries connection i.e. series connection, parallel connection and series-parallel connection.

Series, Parallel & Series-Parallel Connection of Batteries
Series, Parallel & Series-Parallel Connection of Batteries

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  1. I think only the position of application of load effects its configuration in my view.The fig. in the ans. proves that the batteries are in parllal but what if the load is connected in series with the two batteries ??

    1. Goutham Kollurn
      Yes.. But you can see that it is a parallel connection of batteries, no matter how the load is connected with batteries i.e. series or parallel. Main topic is only related to the batteries configuration and you can connect load in series or parallel with batteries as per your requirements. Thanks.

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