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What is the Current in Ammeter?

Ammeter Basic Concept: What is the Current in Ampere Meter ?

Basic Electrical Engineering Interview Question Series: An Ampere meter is connected in series with the 100 ohms load. If there is also a short path as shown below, then what will be the current in Ammeter?

What is the Current in Ammeter

Short Answer: Zero

Explanatory Answer:

Current will be Zero (0) because all ampere (flow of charge) will flow directly through the short circuited path instead of ampere meter and load as current always choose a path with low resistance (i.e. flow of charge take easiest way to move).

This way, there will be no deflection in ampere meter due to no current flowing through ammeter and load. So the Amp-meter will show zero ampere on its screen.

If we move the switch to the ON position, the flow of electron (current) will be moving this way as shown in below fig. The red line shows the direction of current in the circuit.

Note: Basically, it is a short circuit as the short path across ampere meter and load (in parallel) provide a zero ohm path to the flow of current. Therefore, never ever try to make this circuit at home or anywhere as it is only for clearing the basic concept about electrical and electronic engineering questions and answers.

Moreover, the fuse will blown and even make a flame which may lead to serious injury and fire as well. Please stay safe.

Current in Ampere meter which is connected in parallel short path


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  1. Colin Mitchell says:

    Electron flow will be in the opposite direction to the arrow shown on the diagram.

  2. The circuit conected load is 100 onms. The ammeter suppose show 1.2 amps.

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