Basic Concepts

  • Inductor & Coils Symbols

    Inductor Symbols -Solenoid, Chock and Coils Symbols

    Inductor Symbols – Coils and Choke Symbols Generic Fixed Inductor This is the symbols used for representing a generic Inductor whose inductance value is fixed. An inductor is also known by…

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  • Fuses, Circuit Breaker & Protection Symbols

    Fuse, Circuit Breaker and Protection Symbols

    Protection, Circuit Breaker and Fuses Symbols Fuse These are some of the symbolic representation of a generic fuse in any electrical circuit. A fuse is used for protection of any…

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  • Switch & Push Button Symbols

    Switches and Pushbutton Symbols

    Switches Symbols & Pushbuttons Symbols The following chart shows different symbols used for pushbuttons and switches, with a description for each symbol below the diagram. Generic Switch Symbol It is…

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  • Relays Symbols

    Relay Symbols – Electrical and Electronic Symbols

    Relays Symbols – Coil, Solenoid, Electromagnet & Contacts Symbols Solenoid operated Relay The solenoid operated relay has a coil wound around a core that produces magnetic field when the coil…

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  • Diodes Symbols

    Diode Symbols – Electronic and Electrical Symbols

    Diodes Symbols Generic Diode This symbol represents a generic diode or a rectifier diode. It is an electronic component made of semiconductor that allow current flow in one direction and…

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  • Transistors, MOSFETS & IGFET Symbols

    Transistor, MOSFET and IGFET Symbols

    Transistors, IGFET and MOSFETS Symbols NPN BJT Transistor An NPN bipolar Junction transistor (BJT) made up of 3 layers of semiconductor material. A P type semiconductor material is sandwiched between…

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  • Thyristors, Triacs and Diacs Symbols

    Thyristor, DIAC and TRIAC Symbols

    Thyristors, Triacs and Diacs Symbols Thyristor SCR SCR stands for silicon controlled rectifier are a 4 layered PNPN semiconductor device. It has three terminals Anode, Cathode & Gate.  Just like…

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  • Electronic Logic Circuits & Programming Symbols

    Electronic Logic Circuits and Programming Symbols

    Logic Circuits and Digital Programming Symbols Generic IC Symbol It is a symbol of generic IC (integrated circuit). It is a small chip made up of semiconductor material upon which…

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  • Digital Logic Gates Symbols

    Digital Logic Gates Symbols

    Logic Gates Symbols The following terms are used for basic Logic Gates symbols in the post. ANSI: It stands for American National Standards Institute DIN : It stands for Deutsches…

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  • Flip Flop & Latches Symbols

    Digital Flip-Flop and Latches Symbols

    Electronic Flip Flop and Latches Symbols Flip Flop & Latches are sequential circuits & they are the building block of memory units. It stores a single bit of data. Sequential…

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