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What is the current in Ammeter in this Basic Electric Circuit Diagram?

Basic Electric Circuit diagrams Questions and Answers

Clear Your Concept. What will be the Current In ampere-meter in This Basic Circuit.?current in ammeter in basic electri circuit diagram
Here Ampere meter connected in Parallel with the load in this basic electric circuit diagram.  also current always chose a low resistance path, so in the above circuit, current will flow in this way..current in ammeter electri circuit diagram
So the Current will not flow in the 10 OHM  Resistance (Load) because current having a choice of a low resistance path to flow and here is a short path in parallel with 10 OHM resistance. Here the 10th ohm resistor is ignore due to short circuit ….the current is not flowing through the 10th ohm resistor .. Now current will be 2 Amperes in Ampere meter. because according to Ohm Law,
I = V/ R,
I = 50 / 25 …[ Neglecting 10 Ohm Resistance]
I = 2 Amperes..

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