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How much Watts Solar Panel We need for our Home Electrical appliances?

How much Watts Solar Panel We need for our Home Electrical appliances?

How much Watts Solar Panel will be Suitable for Home Electrical appliances?

We can find it by very easy and simple example and explanation.
Suppose we want to power up 5 lights of 15 Watts and we need to use these 5 lights for 4 hours every day. So first we get a total Watts usage.
PTotal= 15 x 5 = 75Watts.
Than we multiply 75 Watts with 4 hours.
PDaily = 75 x 4 = 300 Watts.
We are going to use 300 Watts daily. Let us say we are going to have complete sunshine 6 hours each day. 
Now we divide 300W with 6 hours,
so we will get hourly power charge that we need
So here will be hour power charge that we need i.e watts of solar panel that we want for our electrical appliances. 
PHourly = 300 / 6 = 50W. 
So we need a 50 watt solar panel.
Key Point:
 The above calculation is based on Ideal case. therefore it is recommended that always choose a panel some bigger then we need. Because when solar panel charges the battery so it is wasting some power on charging too due to losses.
                                                         click to enlarge imageHow much Watts Solar Panel We need for our Home Electrical appliances?
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By Wasim Khan
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    1. Also wait for the upcoming posts…. it will clear your ideas about the wiring of batteries and panel in series ,parallel and series-parallel. also with the capacity and range of panel.thanx

  1. dear sir,plz write a topic on ups briefly.plz.i m intrested how ups works and what types of instruments used and how thar work????<br />thanks<br />

  2. good that you have started the topic, but there are lost of factors you are missing in this.like battery capacity max discharge level of battery, Wp generation of panel, duration of solar irradiation; the problem is the reader get a very bad idea by out of this.

  3. hello sir,<br /><br />good day,<br />nice to read your article,<br /><br />We are planing to installed a 4 digit LED display board (size 2×1 m), its total power consumption is around 120W, we want to run it 24/7. Please suggest what are the items we require and what should be power of solar panel and how many solar panel are required for this. daily sun outage is around 7 hr. and how we should

  4. Dear ,<br />nice work (Y)<br /><br />Need your help.<br /><br />We are panning to installed outdoor 4 digit LED display board , size: 2×1 m, total power consumption by LED board is around 120W,. We want to run LED board 24/7, . please let us know what solar panel will be sufficient for this project. ad please also explain how we should connect LED display board with solar panel. <br />Regards<br

  5. You arrived at the right answer and unit but there were some minor mistakes in units. Ex. 75 watts multiplied by 4 hours. The resulting unit should be watt-hours, and it is no longer power, it is Energy.

  6. sir i want to make 500 watt ON Line UPS . how can i find design calculation to ratings of inverter , rectifier, transformer, and battery size . please guide about this

  7. Dear sir, I want to run a deep freezer and a washing machine at day time only i mean without batteries, kindly guide me that how many panals of how many watts i need

      1. Sir deep freezers usually consume 300 to 700 watts as you know on my deep freeze’s name plate wattd are not mentioned but current is 1.3Amps and washing machine i think can use 500 max, also tell me which type of UPS should i use 12v, 24v, 36v or 48v I can make UPS at home

  8. I want to make a( 300A) how many solar cell for that?
    And what is the best way to contact them by parallel or series way?
    Thank you so much

  9. Dear sir wasim khan,

    I read your artice on solar installation at home. it was very use ful for me thank again for the article.

    i want to know one thing, in your article you calculate the load of 800 watt and ask for 6 pannels for of 20 A for battry charging and 10 A for direct load. But i have a question that in home every time we does switch on 800 watt load e.g we require on 100 watt in the moring only one or two lights or fan. the the solar pannel produce the 30 A current. Hennce the load is only 100 waat .

    is solar pannel give the ecess current to the battery or invertor or it raise the high output voltage from the invertor.

    please guide in this regard

  10. And then you need 100% sunshine (no clouds and summertime) on that 50W panel. Which delivers 50 W-hours. No way you can run those lights at the same time.
    Oh wait.. the suns shines… who needs lights?

  11. Dear Moderator, I intend to use 12 pieces of 2v 500ah batteries, 24v 3000kva inverter to power my house, how many 250w panels and charge controller do I need to install for efficient charging.

  12. I have a 3 Phase 250 Watt , installed capacity load, which needs to run 24 x 7. The average sunshine is 4.9 hours in a day. What should be the sizing of my Solar Panel, Battery &Inverter.

  13. Your website is the most comprehensive i have ever found. You explain every complex electrical topics in simple words and the website is so simple yet user friendly.

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