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General Requirements For the Solar Panel System Installation.

General Requirements For Solar Panel System Installation.

(1) Solar Cell or Photo Voltaic Cell.

This is 60 Watts, 12 V, and 5 Amperes PV Photo voltaic cell. it will produce 12V DC for battery charging, but first we will connect charge controller.

General Requirements For Solar Panel System Installation.

(2) Charge Controller

This is 5-10 Ampere Charge Controller, It is control the current or charge for battery charging.

Charge Controller

 (3) Battery

This is Dry Battery 100Ah, 12 Volts. we will Connect it to the charge controller. charge controller will control the current coming from Solar module or PV.


(4) Inverter

Here is 1000 Watts, 12 V DC to 230 V AC inverter. it should be connect between battery and load to convert battery out put ( 12V DC to 230 V AC) to our home appliances which operate on 220 V AC.


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  1. ajay sharma says:

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  3. usama mansoor says:

    wasim khan bhai please tell me which solar panel is best
    mono crystalline or poly crystalline?

    1. Sammygreat says:

      It depends on your region and the sun peak hour. But I preferred mono crystal panel.because it adopt both weather conditions. Eg sunny,cloudy cool weather.

  4. I read your artice on solar installation at home. it was very use ful for me thank again for the article.

    i want to know one thing, in your article you calculate the load of 800 watt and ask for 6 pannels for of 20 A for battry charging and 10 A for direct load. But i have a question that in home every time we does switch on 800 watt load e.g we require on 100 watt in the moring only one or two lights or fan. the the solar pannel produce the 30 A current. Hennce the load is only 100 waat .

    is solar pannel give the ecess current to the battery or invertor or it raise the high output voltage from the invertor.

    please guide in this regard

  5. Solar Albuquerque says:

     Installing a home solar energy system is the best way to beat rising electricity costs. You are also greatly helping our environment by producing clean energy from a renewable source.

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