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How to test a battery with Test meter?

How to test a battery with Test meter?

There are lots of tools and meters to test battery, car battery and cells to check and measure the battery efficiency and condition. Although, we can test battery with digital millimeter, but for an almost accurate checkup, we may use special tools like Digital Battery Tester, Multi-Battery Tester, 12 Volt Electronic Battery & Starting/Charging System Tester, Electronic Battery and System Tester, etc. to check the battery state either is it good, or dead.

How to test a battery with Test meter?

How to test a battery with Test meter?

To test the battery with Test meter, abide the following steps.

  1. Connect Clamps to battery terminal red to positive (+) and black to Negative (-). Twist clamps to insure good connection.
  2. Read “STATE OF CHARGE ②” on scale 2. If necessary, recharge the battery until meter reads “OK” in order to properly test the battery.
  3. Press LOAD TEST BUTTON for 5 second while READING BATTERY CONDITION ① on scale 1 and note the reading scale. Now release button
  4. Read “STATE OF CHARGE ②” on scale 2. Determine battery condition below
  5. Check vehicle charging system with tester connected warm up engine run at 1500-2000 RPM. Read and note “CHARGING SYSTEM SCALE ③”.

Now compare your result with the following Table to get the analysis of battery status.

Click image to enlarge

How to test a battery with Test meter?Also read:

In addition, if the battery test meter shows the result on the scale ③ as OK, it means battery charging current and time is OK, otherwise, LO and HI mean Low Charging and high charging rate respectively. So you have to check the Voltage and amperage which you are using for charging purposes.

Warning: Batteries can explode and cause blindness and injury. Always wear goggles to make sure eye protection when working around batteries.

For almost accurate and better result, allow tester to cool 10 minutes between each battery test.



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