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LED Resistor Calculator – Required Value of Resistor for LED’s Circuit

LED Resistor Calculator – Required Value of Resistor for LED’s Circuit Calculator

LED Resistor Calculator

The following LED Resistor calculator will help you to find the proper value of resistor for LED’s circuit to connect with battery.

Formula for LED Resistor Calculator

Resistor Value = (Vs – VF)/ IF


  • Vs = Input Supply DC voltage
  • VF = LED Forward Voltage
  • IF = LED current in mA (mill amperes)

If you want to know more about how to calculate the Resistors values for different LED’s circuit i.e., series, parallel, and series parallel, then read this interesting Article about the Topic.LED simple circuit ever. how to calculate the value of resistor for LED

Note: It is too difficult to find the exact value of resistors that you have calculated. Generally, Resistors come in standard values. If you are not able to find the exact value  of the resistor that you have calculated, then select the next coming value of resistor that you have calculated, For Example, if the calculated value is 313.5Ω, you would use the closest standard value, which is 330 Ω. if the closest value is not close enough, then you can make it by connecting resistors in series – parallel configuration.

Update: you can also try this calculator Standard Resistor Closest Value Calculator instead of the above method stated in the “note”.

Enter values and click on calculate. Result will display the required value of Resistor in Ohms (Ω).

Enter your values:
Source Voltage (Vs): V (Volts)
Forward LED voltage (VF): V (Volts)
LED Current (IF): mA (miliAmps)
Required Resistor Value: Ω (Ohms)

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  1. If there is no resistor and supplied a source voltage greater than forward voltage, what will happen to voltage between i)a LED? ii) a Diode? or iii) BE junction of a transistor?<br />

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