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Power, Voltage, Current & Resistance (P,V,I,R) Calculator

Power, Voltage, Current & Resistance (P,V,I,R) Calculator

This calculator is based on simple Ohm’s Law. As we have already shared Ohm’s Law (P,I,V,R) Calculator In which you can also calculate three phase current. But we have designed this one especially for DC Circuits (as well as work for Single Phase AC circuits without Power Factor… (We will share another calculator for Power Factor Calculation).

Power, Voltage, Current and Resistance Calculator - P, I, V, R Calculator - Ohms Law Calcultor

Power, Voltage, Current & Resistance Calculator

Enter any two of the following values and press calculate button. Result will display the calculated values.

Power (W):
Voltage (V):
Current (A):
Resistance (Ω):

Power, Voltage, Current & Resistance Formulas 

Following are the possible formula and equations for this Calculator

(1)   Electrical Power formulas in DC Circuits

  • P = VxI
  • P = I2R
  • P = V2/R

(2)   Electrical Potential or Voltage Formula in DC Circuits

  • V = I x R
  • V = P / I
  • V = √ (P x R)

(3)   Electrical Current Formulas in DC Circuit

  • I=V/R
  • I = P/V
  • I = √P/R

(4)   Electrical Resistance Formulas

  • R = V/I
  • R = P/I2
  • R = V2/P


Ohm's Law funny Explanation

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